Full Gas for 60 mins

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Only 2880 Token for 1 Day!
I hope this is a joke.


  • Billdinger
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    What a pile of crap. This one is a joke. Many of the other changes are great, but this one is ridiculous.
  • 3vilrine
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    I like it, if I just plan to play straight for 1 hour... no one said you need to buy a hole 24 hour out of it? lol
  • tjhookr
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    it is good if Ezekiel or Jerry offers it :D
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    No way in hell I’d ever pay 120 hero tokens for 60m of unlimited gas lol
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    @tjhookr Finally a use for Ezekiel!  :D

    Although 120 is still too much, I'd rather hang on to them in case his LT is ever reworked. 60 tokens though...
  • NerfZone187
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    What are poker chips used for? Can you sit down in the NG casino and play Texas Holdem with the zombies now 🤣
  • Karajoca
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    This is actually something i awaited long time, and believe it's great to have option to boost for 1 hour. Who need to play 24 h ? Experienced player only need 1 effective hour on Wednesday to reach 2000 stars, or you can complete the distance,  and rest of the week is much easier. 

    Now, we can discuss the price, but there are lot of players with not needed hero tokens (they reached 5 pink stars and still get tokens they cannot use ) Or there are weak heroes who's tokens you can just cash in for something very useful this way. 
    I think i also saw exchange of tomatoes for 30-60 minutes boosters, so another great way to help end gamers spend resources they don't need. 
  • WellyLuga
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    For a decent hero like RGG I see your point, but my two options today were Dwight and Sniper Morgan. Dwight I already have at 7* and Sniper Morgan is Sniper Morgan. I got the distance done with one hour and smashed through a big chunk of the challenge with the 2nd. It's a great addition for F2P.
  • Arqueue
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    is sniper morgan so bad? i have many questions to ask about weapons and heroes but feel bad making many new discussions

  • WellyLuga
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    Arqueue said:
    is sniper morgan so bad? i have many questions to ask about weapons and heroes but feel bad making many new discussions


    Check out this thread. A lot of time has gone into it and I think it will probably answer many of the questions you want to ask. 

    As for Sniper Morgan - the hunter class is strong but not absolutely essential for most missions. Sasha is amazing and definitely worth your investment, then you have Shane and Alpha as good 2nd hunters. Sasha gains charge points from body shots which is very useful at high level, Alpha has reduced chance of body shots so is good leading a ranged team and Shane has the highest damage potential of any hero in the game. Sniper Morgan just has increased damage with retaliate, revenge, overwatch and your bruisers punish - it's just not as useful as the other heroes.
  • Arqueue
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    ok thx @WellyLuga. i read jayz threads before but not all. his info is very good but it is too many to read all. my fault i can be affected by too many words. but at least now i know who are good hunters. thx 
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    Honestly I have no pink heroes yet (noob)   but I bought an hours gas for 100 gold to see what I could gather and weigh out the value.  Went all hard scavenge tomatoes because I need them (level 63) and can do hard as fast as easy at this point. I recycled the extra 70 gas I earned in the hour back into missions and added things up.  Got back 20 gold reducing my cost to 80 gold. 4mil tomatoes,  half mil xp, 12 radios,  1 legendary component,  1 epic component,  1 rare fragment, probably about a dozen common and uncommon badge frags/components, 2 legendary equipment.   Oh and 100 black market chips too.    I'm thinking gold well spent personally. I'm trying to figure out if I prefer this over distance restarts.