End Gaming is Getting too Far Out of the Old Virtues

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@Fluxxx come on. I love that gold is spent and the game is making money because that means we can all still play but these challenges that go on for as long as someone is willing to play is going to make spenders and F2P people unmotivated for this game IMO.

A challenge like this with maps that have the opportunity to go as far as you are willing to spend.... limitlessly definitely makes someone like me not want to try anymore.

I like playing to 2400 for michonne tokens now because the grind is rough but there is little drive when the push to be on the leaderboard is in the 10k+ range.

Is this what you wanted for the game? Not skill but whoever is motivated to go as far as gold and time allows?

This is the first time I really think the game is at detriment to losing player base. Please consider a course correct. Or if I am alone in my thoughts dismiss it and continue the trend...


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    Uhm... not sure about them... i don't care how far they can go but i enjoy gameplay now. Before the Challenge was never ending for me... i will try to explain.. with only free gas i was always playing my missions every day at every time. 
    Now i can easily go where i want to go ...and even more far than before without investing more time. I play less and i invest less time and i go more far 🙂
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