A problem for new players...

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I recently started a new account, because I like to see/remember how things are in the game for people that are just starting.  There is a HUGE problem for new players.

My new account is at Council level 6 or 7.  Guild Wars unlocks at Council level 12.  However, every survivor I have picked up through Story missions have been auto-assigned to “Guild Wars Defenders.” 

Keep in mind, I am well short of even unlocking GWs on this account.

I continue to work through Story missions, but when I unlock a new class of survivor, I can’t add that new survivor to my team because all my slots are taken by useless Scouts that are designated as “GW Defenders,” unless I want to spend 100 Gold to add a Survivor Slot to my bench.

I’m not wholly bothered as my main account is end-game status, but this is a major problem for lower level or new players. 
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  • Firekid
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    Can you not scrap survivors who are designated as guild wars defenders? And can’t you just put in other survivors as your defenders and then scrap your rubbish scouts? 
  • DocGonzo
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    This is true. You have to hit council level 12 to scrap those guys. It was annoying, but I just leveled as fast as possible. 
  • Firekid
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    That’s really bad then, you should be able to access the defenders page before you hit level 12 then and/or not be able to have defenders in there before level 12. 
  • Benoit
    Benoit Member Posts: 30
    Leave your guild, scrap those survivors and get back to your guild. I think it's the only way to do it 
  • thanhan
    thanhan Member Posts: 1
    Try to find another guild
  • Benoit
    Benoit Member Posts: 30
    You don't need to find another guild. If your not in a guild you don't have defenders so you can leave your guild, scrap those unwanted survivors and get back to the same guild 😉
  • pkaygh1
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    As most have said already, explain it to your guild master, let him kick you.. Sort out your survivors then join again.
  • Fluxxx
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    Hey, we're aware of this problem. I can't say when this will be fixed yet, but if you contact player support we will give you an extra survivor slot so you have a buffer :)