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Most popular games are focused on "live" PvP feature and we here, sadly, don't have that option. As much as i would LOVE to see it here, i kind of accepted that's not happening and won't talk about it.

But let's talk about improving this "not live" PvP modes we have here, and that is Outpost and GW missions "vs enemy". 

First, i want to say i play little alternative account to help our lowest guild in family, it has only normal survivors and is badgeless. Playing vs human enemy in GW is a nightmare and definitely hardest for guys who doesn't have badges. 
Seeing this i understand why badges aren't working for the rest of community.

However, there is moving through Tiers and i wonder is it possible that when guild reach "master" tier, this missions become harder? It would be a real twist, and change tactics of lot of guilds! 

It can be made that while battling, guilds collect some things they can put into their human maps and make it harder to beat. 
Like : 
-  Automatic Machine guns that acts like 4th survivor and shoot from overwatch in close range dealing small damage
-  Collecting and putting mines in the field
-  Traps which can stun or disable survivors who step on it for a turn.

Let's say each time when player was involved in battle where guild completed 5H they get a "trap" to put on their defenders
Or Machine gun when they complete 6H

All this would become unlocked only when "master tier" is reached and that's when the show begins! 

Similar stuff can be implemented in Outposts, more you play, more you can improve your defence during cycle and missions can become more challenging and maybe attract more playere to compete (TG shop would have to be improved though) 

Downsides of this? 
I see a lot of injuries and healing times  :D 

But improving our defence through season and then see that in action in last few matches against strongest opponents and rivals can be fun and challenging enough

Curious to see others opinion about this :) 


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    Next tool: EMP grenade that disables all traps, mines and automatic machine guns! :lol:
  • Paste
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    This would hit mixed guild harder than guild top guilds in families where pretty much everyone can play high difficulties.
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  • Karajoca
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    I don't expect everyone to agree and i brought it for discussion. But can we please not always look at ideas from perspective of how will they help or affect us or our guilds?

    Are you Sure those people in "mixed" guilds who are doing human maps are not insulted and devastated doing those walk in the park missions?
    This what i suggested is not some huge difficulty increase, just enough to make you think and go careful, and feel like you completed something harder when you finish it. 

    Would love to hear some better answer then "this affect those and those". Of course someone get affected when changes are made. Current situation isn't enjoyable for many players as well. 
  • Karajoca
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    Some people found Carl lead very hard at beginning and complained here. 

    Now i think most of those learned a thing or two, and don't go blind and without DR/stun resist into human maps. They improved as players

    Keeping game easy is not helping anyone
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    I'm imagining if there's any way it would be fun to do a sort of reversed Outpost raid, where you set all this up, with traps and machine guns Etc and then you can sit behind your gate and watch the Raiders try to get past all of it... And if they succeed and open the gate then you kill them

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  • NerfZone187
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    Imagine having 45 characters, melee, sniper, throwers, healers, etc and each one has 2 special abilities and 2 tactical abilities in a 3v3 PvP team game

    Nevermind I'm already playing that game haha
  • Paste
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    You joked about lot of injuries and healing times, then it's "not some huge difficulty increase". It makes it hard to know exactly what I'm responding to.

    What you're describing is at least a minor form of "Snowballing", where the leading guilds get added benefits making them harder to beat. If it won't be a huge difficulty increase maybe it won't matter much, but I still think it's the wrong move. If you want to do something for top players who clear 6H, give them vanity items or trophies for their profile (and let others see their profiles). I think you suggested something similar before.

    If you just want harder PvPs why not just giving an option to play harder PvPs in a fair way? You can get more VP and RP too, as long as not everyone has to do it. Maybe add your solution, but make it optional, so everyone gets a chance to play these missions, but a choice to opt out. Or give yourself a level disadvantage where you have to beat defenders 10 levels higher, or with badges partially applied, or two of your opponents teams instead of one (6 raiders instead of 3). And obviously opting in for harder should give higher VP and rewards.

    Or add achievement bonuses if you for example finish a PvP without taking any damage, or using a hero picked by NG at random (like star hero but for pvp only).

    Mixed guilds would be the losers from this as well, but only by minor points and RP. It's a fair trade-off imo.
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  • brucewayne007
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    We should create a tool “IED” 
    or “Claymore”

    that’d be bloody cool

    especially against Freeman. 
  • Karajoca
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    @Paste i get it, and sorry if i got you confused.
    I think i mentioned multiple times that collecting this traps and other elements will only work when you reach master tier, so basically just for one last week of war for the most guilds who reach that tier (230 guilds reached it last season, but half of that number did it just in last 3-4 days of the season)

    Besides, matchmaking is working much better now and not only looking at tier, but the total VP, so in this last week fights are most interesting and balanced, you get to play against opponents very similar to you. That's at least my experience and trying to explain why this idea. I believe it will bring more excitement and twists into final fights, that's all.

    Being able to pick difficulty like you said would be the best, and i asked for it earlier but apparently that isn't possible, so i am just throwing new ideas out there, and hope something will be changed regarding this. Because it's too easy man, it doesn't feel right to play those missions the way they are now.
  • WellyLuga
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    I think having them as a reward for clearing 6H is a bad move, as mentioned the majority aren't able to do this and it would make the strongest guilds even stronger. Have them as rewards in the GW shop. In outposts you earn TGs for clearing missions and you can invest what you earn into your defence. Makes sense for you to be able to do the same thing in GW.
  • ghost_pepper
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    Paste said:
    -give yourself a level disadvantage where you have to beat defenders 10 levels higher
    -or with badges partially applied
    -or two of your opponents teams instead of one (6 raiders instead of 3).
    -And obviously opting in for harder should give higher VP and rewards.
    This is brilliant! I love it! I wanna hear about how all the best players do when they deal with double Carl teams of level 38's where each defender has double Second Chance, so the ability has 2 chances to trigger each round. HA! Try and firebug THAT! 
  • UserDoe
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    First thing that I'd change about outpost are the rewards.

    Give outpost a seperate shop with its own currency like we have for GW. That would be more appealing than these TG that many of us have piled up to the sky.
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