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Salut !

En plus de la santé et des dégâts, il pourrait être plus pratique de voir des statistiques comme la réduction des dégâts, les chances de coup critique, l'esquive, etc., car entre les traits et les badges du personnage, de l'arme et de l'armure, il devient compliqué de tout calculer :)


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    I have no clue what you wrote. 
    None whatsoever haha

    but I can understand the title. 
    I think stats whilst playing would be cool. So if we attack a walker close range, our percentage of a critical is better then attacking someone from a distance with a knife. Chances of a Bodyshot become higher. 
    This would be great like X-Com. Seeing us shoot in a Stationary position would be more beneficial if we could see the statistics in numbers of the success rate. 
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    Jouxy is talking about adding DR and CD to the character profile screen stats.
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