Hello, We are "Red Squad" in KOREA. I'd like to make a suggestion about the Guild Wars. The current Guild Wars system is too tight in time for all of us. We think the rewards are too small for time and gold consumption. I want you to change it to run a week guild wars and two weeks off, make it easier to supply gold and tools, or come up with a way. Also, we want you to get rid of "A Pile" which is one of the Guild War systems, or find another way. As I know, many people, including our guild, are not sleeping well to do the "Pile" You said "A Pile" is part of the guild wars, but users are so tired for that. As a result, the guild members who quit the game keep happening one by one, so I hope this will not happen anymore. And one more thing, if there's a tie, I want both teams to win. I'm proposing to enjoy this game for a long time, so I hope you accept it with good intentions. Thank you for reading. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. 
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    Hello @juun i agree with you "A pile" should be removed.

    We call it "stacking" or "piling"

    Also I would recommend you change you post title. "Hello" is very nice and friendly, but the title should include something of what you're post is about.

    Just a friendly suggestion. Cheers! 

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    I want more GW.  It's quite boring about challenge.  New mode of Distance is good, but it spends me 2 days time only.
    How about reset chapter story missions?   
  • n00b
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    Piling should stay as it brings more strategy/options into this game mode. I would prefer limiting the amount of KAWs per sector to 1-2, because sometimes you get 6 of them in 6H, while other day 0. You can't even compete in this game mode inside the guild, lol.
    There is an easy answer for your tool/gold stocking problem - simply don't push to the top, close sectors that don't require tools.
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    I agree with the ties, and I would like to see some changes with piles, but two weeks off after one guild war week? That would make one season run for like 3 months. Do people even like playing Guild Wars? 

    My tool bag was empty after my last battle, so I get wanting to stock up. However, GW is my favorite mode and I would like to play it as much as possible. If I am short on tools then I'll play the toughest sectors I can without them, maybe use Red Gas instead of tools.

    I am not against some changes to the schedule, but when there are suggestions for 1-2 weeks off every war and 3-4 weeks off before each season, it seems like people are being selfish.

    Where is our break from the Challenge, Distance and Outpost? There is none, people just don't play them if they don't feel like it. Why is it different for Guild Wars? Take a break if you need it, enjoy life, and let others keep playing if they want to.

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    Agreed on everything except the breaks between wars. I would rather they limit the amount of tools you can use per battle thus reducing the need to restock constantly. Many players are sick of stacking/piling on maps too so you are not alone there.

    We also tied a match in the last week and it's incredible frustrating for both sides to spend so many resources and neither gets a win bonus. I think the way it is in it's current form must be incredibly profitable for NG so deep down I just can't see it changing much until the whales stop paying as much as they do for the tools.
  • Billbam
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    I totally agree the zippo for a tie is horrible.