Who Should the First Female Hero Bruiser Be???



  • Jenng
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    Oh shit! I love sausage and am one with weird. 😝 fine. I’m convinced. Jenng badass bruiser needs to happen. 😜😁🤪

  • LoneWanderer360
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    If they can include a character like Rufus who was never in the show, why not a community member? JennG with the leader trait Throat Punch. Maybe Throat Punch could only target one walker, but can stun any type, including fatties. Like harpoon.

  • Busta
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    Another option could be Andrea. She's arguably the biggest character omission from the franchise, from earlier seasons anyway. Although I would view her more as a shooter or hunter.
    Chances are you’ll never see her in game as she has been trying to sue AMC and Kirkman since getting killed off cause she feels she was supposed to be with rick till the end. So for them to pay for her likeness to be in the game won’t happen.

  • ShadowWalker
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    Wow I never heard of that. I heard she was displeased, but I never heard anything about actually suing anyone. Kind of sad if true. 
  • Muirna
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    The game is actually quite a Sausage Fest.

    32 Heroes only 8 are women, Princess will be the 9th. If you like playing with dudes more that's ok, but the numbers don't lie bud.
    That's a really important point, particularly because the show is not out of balance like that, just the game. I think it's an example of subconscious sexism and hope there will be intentional efforts to correct this extreme imbalance.
  • rettawv
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    I would like to  see Yvette nicole brown  be a bruiser. she adores the show. i see her being a kick ass woman.  takes no sass.  
  • Artminius
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    Damn good question. 
    Maybe... Lucille? Leave room for s11? 

    I haven't even watched the trailers, so I got no good reason. But... 
    Negan named a bat after her. 
    Not a gun or knife. 
  • Bassreactor
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