One walker struggles with 2 of my survivors

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After updating the game, I resumed playing the Distance. In Crash Test  I moved hunter Donnie so that he would struggle with the walker. The following round the struggling walker engaged Slick Rick. As you see below Donnie has 2 rounds left and Rick just got grabbed. The bug may originate from the fact that Donnie should not have been allowed 3 rounds of struggle because the walker was on fire. After i Rick shoots the walker both struggles end. I have opened a bug report in the game.



  • marroba2000
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    This update is full of joy for everyone. Little surprises waiting for you around the corner. Fun, fun, fun. 
  • Paste
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    I discovered 2 other similar bugs in this release now, in addition to everything being laggy as heck. It doesn't feel very professional, but I guess we have to get used to it.

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  • Dedmon
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    This is the exact same thing happened to me on the Nightmare Distance Crash Test #19. I had lit a spiked walker on fire and placed a disposable survivor between him and Sasha up in the left corner and he killed both at once even though she was behind him. It happened so quickly and with no struggle, therefore, I couldn't get a screenshot. I figured that I must had done something wrong or stupid (which is still possible!) until I saw that it happened to you. Thanks for posting. Obviously I would need Sasha or tools (I typically refuse to use on Distance or Challenge) to finish. So I just quit playing for the week.