Which, hopefully-fired, idiot designed Green Thumb?

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I would be utterly embarrassed to admit that I had designed that cluster fork. 
4 spawn every 3 turns, 2 fatties, no room for drive by, just enough room to herd yourself into a zombie dog pile.... 

Someone got *paid* to design and test that map.
Too much. By far. 
For shame. 

But hey! Stops the challenge like a kick in the balls, so at least I now have Sunday free! Winning! 

Ridiculous, garbage design, reminiscent of 80s arcade game design that just forces failure to eat a new, shiny quarter. 
For shame. 


  • Artminius
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    And I'll thank all y'all 5 pink players for not posting a video of your immune to damage, threat reducing, max control videos of how "easy" it is. 
    It's literally a pay to score level. 
    Infuriating. Closest I've gotten to quitting forever in over a year. 
    F&#k the designers and testers of this mission. 
    In the ear. 
    With an ice pick. 

    Try harder to balance your fear of uber players and the rest of us who've played half a decade with 'mere' cash outlays. 
  • avelardez
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    This was green thumb the week HD came out 2 years ago. 

  • Artminius
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    Fewer starting Zs. 
    But, I'll concede, equally poorly designed. 

    A good level affords different approaches. 
    Sasha Wall.
    Herd And Gut.
    Drive By Bruisers. 
    (Lately) Speed Loot. 

    This level, after 41ish...
    Pay Money. (AKA) 
    Dump Toolbag.

    Like I said, I'd be embarrassed to admit that I 'designed' this level. No nuance, single track, "be rich or gtfo". 

  • avelardez
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    Three scouts with PGG or RGG and Beta and it is very doable on one try. And that’s with a 2 spawn start. To easy. 

  • ghost_pepper
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    If the walkers are weak enough to kill, Beta lead with dragon tongue, bruiser, pgg/rick with crescent edge. Beta DT is your 2 strike and group kill weapon. Bruiser stuns. Crescent edge picks up scraps. Keep the spawn counter down and all 3 have tactical, which means they can strike and then go and grab a box. This works well, even with fatties, as long as you can kill the walkers.

    When you can't kill the walkers, it becomes a pure slot machine. Pgg lead, scout, scout. Although we can use shooters now too in place of scouts because same movement. When you don't get the finish, on the first turn from 3 grabs, you have to end the map, and replace a scout (or shooter). This map is a slot machine shop vacuum for gas. So bad. And it clogs up your hospital. I got through the mm and when I came back to my hospital 9 hrs later the thing still had wounded!
  • Goptus_kf
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    There is a chance of 5 % to get the job done with the 3 closest chests.
    I don't like this kind of maps, but if you are lucky, you can finish them even at high levels.
    HD can help a lot.