TWD No Mans's Land Guides! Veterans call out! Come and teach!

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Hi everyone. 

No Man's Land has been around for over 5 years and a lot of the guides that were once available are now outdated as new features and improvements to existing features are coming out with every update. There has been an increased amount of requests on my side to make some Guides on things and what players should do to help them better play the game and maximise their excitement about it. 
I am no expert on the mechanics of the game but have an idea on how to make this into a useful Episodic series by having Community Veterans or players who have played the game for years and know it inside out become teachers. In these Episodic series I will be the new player asking questions and you will share your experience, game screens, video recordings etc about the topic the episode covers. Every Episode will cover a different topic e.g:
Episode 1: Camp buildings and what Buildings do I prioritise upgrading after every Council Upgrade. 
Episode 2: How should I spend my radios? What calls are the ones I need to save radios for?
Depending on the interest on the player side each player will cover 1 or more episodes. Each episode will be no longer than 10 min as longer than that will make people lose focus. If you agree to do it you need to be down to do an audio chat either on Line, Discord or Facebook Messenger.
You can reach me: 
Line - painisyourfriend
Discord - Pain Walker #8569
Facebook Messenger - Pain Walker
if you have any questions reply to this thread or reach out from one of the ways above. Let's make something great!

Probably making a video!

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    Episode 2: How should I spend my radios? What calls are the ones I need to save radios for?
    My personal rule of thumb for special radio calls
    15 call = average
    25 call = best
    40 call = make 1 call
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    I've been having loads of fun doing just this! I started making a few videos for The FAQ's for my guild. I'm a staunch 'active' level player (I can't casually take on those 'my level+13' type missions some folks seem to just breeze through!) and have made some mistakes as I approach the max level for my people. So yes, Rosita is my most developed assault I said, I'll discuss my mistakes so others don't make the same ones. I've also picked up some tips that genuinely work. For example, Survivor battles cause the most anxiety in Guild Wars, but you can quickly make them the easiest part of any GW battle and shouldn't even be losing any health at all. This is where my little video guides started, I was getting perturbed at folks struggling with something that shouldn't pose a problem at all.

      I'd be keen to develop my skills though! I mean, I can comfortable take on, say level 33 missions with my level 26 survivors, but looking at some GW scores and some of the chat on here, that's nothing for some folks who seem to be able to take on missions dozens of levels greater than that of their survivors. I'd be keen to know what they do! Who they use, how they tackle seemingly insurmountable odds.
    I'm sure some 'hardcore' players will note some issues with 'em but here's the vids I put out to help my newer Guild Members find a footing and understand the game a bit better:

    Pain Walker
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    Are you on Line app? 
    Inbox me. I can send you some ideas and videos for reference of how to play some of those harder maps. 
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    I think this a very good initiative. There are very good guides for going from good to great (like Jayz compendium and Challenge / Distance videos), but not so much for helping new players. Just easy to digest info about the basics of the challenge (what are round passes, what is the master mission, what are the rewards), Distance (how to know which distance # is going on, how to find walkthrough videos), GW (what teams to use, basics about which tactics to use, how scoring works). 
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    Agree with @Burmeliinis
    Also for new or growing players some of the basic game semantics and tips are more useful to know, such as:
    Scavenge, Challenge, and GW difficulty levels have straight correlation with levels our your top 3 survivors (but don't go up if you level up only 1 or 2 survivors).
    Many new players find it more difficult to do same missions (for example Scavenge Hard mode) if they upgrade survivors too fast but their gear doesn't keep up.

    Maybe Jeff would be interested in video/audio aid? @JayZ

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