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You decided to finish us off. The loss was counted. We have won this battle!! We were shown that we played three times.  We planned something completely different this season and spent too many resources to do this to us. We didn't have time to forget the day's skipping , as a new control shot in the head.  I think there should be a responsibility on your part, NG. I am convinced that additional skulls are required to reimburse the tools for this fight. And increase the number of Tools in the war shop to fill them up. Bug Bug Bug Bug War. Thanks @Fluxxx @zbot @Vane
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     Here's what it looks like 
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    Hopefully Fluxxx and the gang can make this right for the player affected because lot of resources are used to help your team try to win. This is very disappointing 😢
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    Hi @mir

    As noted in this thread, it seems that the bug is luckily mostly inconsequential as both teams receive the winning bonus on their score. We're still investigating for the cause of this and why it ended up showing as multiple entries in your war logs, but your guild should still have received its winning bonus if it is consistent with all the cases we've seen so far.