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@Fluxxx pls explain to me how they get this Score?
max score is 14638, we used red Gas one time on 46, they used red gas two times! 
This war against them did cost our complete Season and we can‘t do anything against it! 
What is with our used tools? Are we get them back or what will you do?
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    Did you consider piles on max missions with left over attacks? 
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    Disregard I have been notified that is from max missions possible. This really sucks @Jens_KF sorry for that happening to you guys. Hopefully NG can do something to at least give you guys some hope to play still. 😞
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    NG with his Beta destroys not only the desire but also the aspirations in this game. We also faced these problems, it kills. Our rating is also broken , we planned to finish the season in a high place, and we did everything for this, but it turns out that this is a Beta.  Laughter
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    Never play in 10 man war
    max is 7, even that still getting headache organizing people
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    Yet another very serious bug. 

    Theoretical max points is 14.638, that is if you are doing the 8 hardest islands, 20D and use the remaining 8 swords to pile on a lvl 49 mission. So we can see that TLOU's points are correct, they did the max but did use one red gas on a lvl 47 or lvl 47 mission, which costs 10 points.

    Red Snow's score, however, is impossible. Use a red gas on the easiest possible mission (pvp) and you lose 4 points or pile one mission on a lvl 48 instead of 49, which also costs you 4 points. But losing 3 points is not possible with that setup.
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    We in Red Snow are very sorry for that bug happened. It was tough battle, we had tried hard, but we indeed got two red-gas replays in mid-levels, which should result in ~16 lost points, so yes, NG had stolen your victory this time. We want to compete fair. Unfortunately, the NG is not able to provide clear and transparent base for us. Numerous bugs in last two weeks kills all the benefits of new GW. Last week we had lost the battle due to sword stolen by the game (the guy restarted the game while standing near the exit in the mission and found himself in the base camp). 
    NG SHOULD repair scoring issues and fix critical bugs in GW BEFORE strating new season, otherwise many players and guilds will choose to ignore this game mode or simply switch to another wonderful game.
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    Happened to me with my prefect score. I got the Beta mumbo jumbo. The original GW did not have this many flaws. It’s a visual bug caused by the random number generator. 
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    Damn. That looks like it sucked. No worries. Curbstompers is soon on its way. You won’t have to worry about ties or game glitches. We are just going to crush you. 
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    ....... and so BETA continues. 

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