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I see a lot of people asking about acronyms commonly used among NML players on forums and chat apps.
Search haven't yielded fruitful results, so I decided to put it all in one place. Hope it's helpful!
Critique, additions, and editions are welcome! Cheers!

>>> NML Glossary <<<
GCarol, GC - Guardian Carol (hunter).
HDaryl, HD - Huntsman Daryl (scout).
HMaggie, Haggie, HTM - Hilltop Maggie (shooter).
PGG - Pizza Guy Glenn (scout).
RGG - Riot Gear Glenn (bruiser).
SMorgan - Sniper Morgan (hunter).
SRick, SR - Survivalist Rick (scout).
SPY - Sasha, Princess, Yumiko team.
SMY - Sasha, Mercer, Yumiko team.
Yum, Yumi, Y - Yumiko (shooter).
Zeke - Ezekiel (warrior).

CE - Crescent Edge (scout).
DAR - Daryl's Assault Rifle (assault, rooting).
DK - Daryl's Knife (scout).
DCM, DEC - Decimator (assault).
DT - Dragon's Tongue (warrior) or Devil's Torch (hunter).
Dozer - Bulldozer Shotgun (assault).
GAR - Golden Assault Rifle (assault).
GIR - Golden Incendiary Rifle (hunter).
MS - Morning Star (warrior).
RPG - Devil's Torch (hunter).

CA - Critical Aim survivor trait (rarely used as Critical Attack).
CC - Critical Chance.
CD - Critical Damage.
DR - Damage Reduction (or Damage Resistance).
DS - Defensive Stance.
FT - Follow-Through.
HS - Hazard Suit.
IS - Iron Skin.
LT - Leader Trait.
MM - Marksman.
PS - Power Strike.
PSV - Perseverance.
SS - Sure Shot (survivor trait) or Swift Strike (weapon trait).
SR - Stun Resistance.
TG - Trade Goods (rarely used as Training Gear armor trait). 
TR - Threat Reduction.

Mission Types (specifically in Guild Wars):
GTE - Go To Exit.
KAW, KAZ - Kill All Walkers.
KTTW - Kill The Tough Walker.
KWAE, KWE - Kill Walkers And Exit.
SFC - Search For Clues.

ASL - Actual Survivor Level (or Average Survivor Level).
BM - Black Market.
BS - Body Shots.
CL - Council Level.
GW - Guild War.
LB - Leaderboard.
LLS - Low Level Survivors.
LS - Last Stand.
MM - Master Mission (challenge).
PB - Personal Best.
RP - Reward Points (GW) or Round Pass (Challenge).
RSL - Recommended Survivor Level.
VP - Victory Points.

Guild Wars Definitions:
MH - Metalheads (type of walkers).
Island - consists of 3 connected sectors (1ABC, 2ABC, etc.).
Sector - consists of 8 or 12 combined individual missions (1A, 2B, 3C, 17D, etc.).
PvP - Player vs Player (i.e. missions against freemen/raiders, GW defenders).
PvZ, PvE - Player vs Zombie (missions against walkers).

AP - Action Point.
BP - Building Points.
- Damage.
H, HP - Health Points.
XP - Experience Points.
F2P, FTP, F2W - Free to Play (or Free to Win).
P2P, PTP, P2W - Pay to Play (or Pay to Win).
NG - Next Games.
- No Man's Land.
NPC - Non-Player Character.
JSS - Just Survive Somehow.

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