Scavenge missions with special walkers

Just after I had updated the game, there were fast walkers in my scavenge missions. 
But sadly all the later scavenge missions today were without special walkers.
Was the new (really nice) feature just a bug? 


  • Angelspit
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    I did a few scavenging missions after the update and didn't notice anything unusual.
    A little more variety wouldn't hurt, that's for sure...
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  • Goptus_kf
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    I didn't make a screenshot, but it looked like this. A big question mark was shown in the right. 
  • Muirna
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    Yeah, I experienced it as well. I don't think you'd call it a bug per se, but it was not intentional that they left fast walkers in Scavenge after their testing or whatever was done.
  • UserDoe
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    I had them too but they disapeared after the next login. Would be nice to have them back to spice things up a little bit.
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  • ghost_pepper
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    If introducing a fixed 1 or 2 per wave, have it drop a fixed double or triple amount of xp/supplies. That's not exactly game breaking. Just a nice reward. That's why players run scavenger anyway.

    Lower level players that have a harder time with scavenger will figure out "kill the fast one first" and have appropriate incentive to gtfo if they can't. And with lower hp than regular walkers, that shouldn't be too difficult. Higher level players who grind scavenger will get a bit of spice and variety.

    Everything should stay balanced.
  • UserDoe
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    To avoid making things too hard for newer players they could simply add a third difficulty that would be 1-2 levels higher and spawns some special walkers.
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  • ghost_pepper
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    Or specials only start showing up at +X many levels above your base level. New players don't often push 7 or 8 levels up on scavenger.