Guild Wars: A Failed Player Experience

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It's clear this game mode has failed from a player perspective. Those that use the most tools undoubtedly have the best chance to win (or hey, even tie!). Maybe this has become a good source of revenue for NG. I've already seen many (too many) good players step away because of Guild War issues. If it continues this way it will be cutting off your nose to spite your face (and by your I mean NG). When you look at what you get in return for your spend (i.e. tools, gold, etc.) the math does not work out in the players favor. The rewards are at an imbalance. There should be a way, some way, to minimize the gold and tools you need to use. You could still have the GW experience but without dropping so much gold and using so many tools to reach the top levels. I'd be really surprised if some new tactics to achieve this weren't underway already. 


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    That's what I've been preaching in my guild for at least 4 seasons of GW. But as long as the ego of the top guilds is bigger, the source of income for NG will not change.

    And it is and will always be a beta. In the free economy everyone would say that project failed, we pound it down. 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    Lol. The so called challenge isn’t exactly different....
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    A causual player like me reaches 500 - 600 VP per battle, with using 0-5 tools. No gold needed for healing. There is enough time for healing. With my invest of f2p tools i like the reward very much. I also like guild wars, because every player can get nice rewards without spending money.

    Thanks to all the top players who are spending so much money to fund the game we all love so much. <3

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    Nova_TWD said:
    Lol. The so called challenge isn’t exactly different....
    Hah. I read the post and thought the exact same thing. Pushing the limits on the challenge is the same as pushing the limits on GW. But at least GW forces more guild cooperation and the limited number of retries ensures that at least some level of careful game play/skill is required compared to the challenge where you can simply try over and over again until you get it.
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    I agree with much of what you say. If you want to remain competitive the costs vs what you get out of it is not balanced. We had a good crack at topping the leaderboard last season, we probably spent less tools than some of the guilds around us but the costs were still astronomically high compared to what we got in return. The rewards just aren't worth it and you get nothing from doing well at the highest levels. The game is completely P2W these days, it is a shame but the player experience is down to you. It is still fun at it's core and you can still get solid rewards if you don't invest.

    Personally I have decided that it is not worth the time or money invested trying to push to the maximum level, it was previously fun trying to finish as high on the leaderboard with minimal investment. These days though, you can't even get close without spending big. Both in the challenge and in GW. 

    I would love to see the amount of tools required at the top slashed and have it return to what it was when it first came back before tools. There was a level playing field, same number of attacks, gold couldn't help you, neither could your wallet. Those days are gone though, it's sad but it will never return to that pure competitive game mode unless tools are completely removed.
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    I think with all the new stuff in the game at least you can find a way to manage resources. For example i played up to 47 and scored > 800 this week with trying out Negan,. I used 10 Grenades, 6 Medkits and 4 Flares. When i played before, i usually needed more Flares, but less grenades. So now, with more options, i can choose based on my tools, which team i am going to use. For me, who doesn't buy tool bundles, this is a big improvement...