Guild War broken down by time zones

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Playing with teams from other time zones spoil the game experience, especially for European teams players who sleep while the match day ends. It's a great advantage to know the opponent final score, spending the right resources to overcome it. Many guildmates don't spend tools at all just for this reason, and me too.
Why dont divide the guild war by time zones? Otherwise, we can hide the score...
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    What for?..
    Leverage your teams' skills and timezones accordingly. Planning is hard, yes, but it pays off.
    It's all about leadership and managing, does wonders I tell you.
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    All 15 of our guilds have players from all over the world, don't see how your plan would work in these cases.
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    With a war start time always different, for example? There are a thousand possible solution to please everyone.
    Not all guilds are "international", most of all they are made up of players from the same country.

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    22 hours for a war is plenty of time. I've seen games where wars are limited to 30 minutes with 20-60 minute notification that someone attacked you. Compared to that 22 hours is lush