📢 A New Challenger has arrived!

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Hi guys,
I'm excited to be bringing you some huge news!

@Lexia has recently joined our team as the new Community Manager!

I will be leaving my post as CM, but not NML. I will continue working in the team, but in a different role going forward and trying something new :)

So... although I'm not going anywhere far, I'd like to say that I'm truly grateful and honored to have been your community manager for the past two years. I've learnt a lot and grown wiser (to the point my hair turned fully gray 😆) thanks to you guys.

I know I wasn't always very active on the forum - partly due to to internal changes to my role, but the team and I always listened to all of your valuable feedback and opinions, and held them in very high regard. Whenever I've had a chance to talk about the NML community, my go-to description has been that you guys are passionate, dedicated, tight-knit, vocal (in a good way :D), and that you've had a tremendous impact on the development of the game. Just in the past two years there's been many great changes thanks to your contributions and, without going into much detail, there will be many more 🤭

I want to extend my special gratitude to all of the 'veterans' and content creators in the community who have gone out of their way to ensure the interests of players and guilds; created all types of content to keep everyone informed and help them improve at the game; organized events for the community to enjoy and bond over.

Anyways, as I mentioned this isn't exactly farewell, so I'll see you guys around 👋

Otherwise, I'm extremely confident that you guys are in great hands with Lexia at the wheel - I trust that you guys will make her feel as welcome as you did so for me when I set foot on this forum :) 
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    Welcome! @Lexia

    Good luck! :lol:
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    Huzzah and greetings @Lexia

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    Thanks @Fluxxx for your confidence, support and for all you did and do for the game and the community. Was a real pleasure to me have the chance to meet so very nice person and work creating content with you. Keep in touch and good luck in what is coming for you!  :)

    Welcome @Lexia and see you around  :)
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    Welcome to the mad house. I hope the new Trait “Aging” is not going to reach you that quick 😄

    Probably making a video!

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    Welcome!!! @Lexia
  • Mario_Romero
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    Seems like community managers never last very long on here. :D 

    Just remember @Fluxxx

    Great things ahead for you as i believe one of your predecessors @Kaz is now the president of Finland.  :D
    @Lexia welcome, or as the adage goes @Lexia dura sed @Lexia :)  
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  • Arqueue
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    @Fluxxx since you are leaving as CM, will you pardon all or some of the banned players, just like Donnie Tramp did before he left office?   o:)
  • Claire982
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    @Lexia welcome and best of luck!
  • relb67
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    Fluxxx Best of luck in your new role  but you were an awesome communications manager I always look forward to seeing your videos with all the updates i’m glad you’re staying in NML Community thanks for the past two years you’ve given us  😁.  🤚Lexia welcome
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    @Fluxxx , Thanks so much for all you've done for us during all this time. I'm glad I had the chance to share with you a bit more in your last period as CM and thanks so much for all your trust. All the best in your new role and wait a minute, many more changes coming? Are you really leaving us here with a cliffhanger?! 😂 I really hope you stay around!
    P.S. Just so you know, I want to officially inform you that the GP committee voted again and decided that we all still love you. I know I made you blush first time I said that 😅😂😁

    @Lexia , I might not be vocal as others (or at least in the forum 😅). But all in all, right or wrong, in different languages and with different tones, I strongly believe that the vast majority of posts with all kinds of comments and criticism bere come from the right place: we all want the best for the game and for other players as well. Welcome, all the best in this new role, big shoes to fill, but count with our support as well. We'll be in touch 😬😁😊

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    Good luck 🍀  @Fluxxx with your new role 😊, and thank you for all the help with NML community  (it is good to know you won’t go anywhere far from us... and “many more great changes”? Exciting!! 😁😚😘) 


    Welcome, @Lexia ☺️ 
    Wish you the best luck with your new role too! 😚😘❤️
  • LaMocciosa
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    Good luck! 
  • Gul_Dukat
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    @Lexia welcome to the forum and good luck in the huge challenge of keeping this bunch of total lunatics in control :smile:. You have some big shoes to fill but we are here to help.

    @Fluxxx thank you for everything you have done for this community and this game we all love so much and also givea us big headaches every now and then. Good luck in your new role within the company. 
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    Welcome @Lexia
  • FuriousMoldovan
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    @Lexia Welcome!

    @Fluxxx Thanks for listening to new ideas and implementing many of our suggestions!
    Appreciate all your work!
    Cheers! 🍻
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    Thx @Fluxxx
    Welcome @Lexia to the Insane Asylum 
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    We will miss you @Fluxxx. It seems like just  the other day we were welcoming you to the Forum with a community meme contest.
    Maybe we need one for @Lexia. :wink: 

    Welcome to the madhouse @Lexia!  You do know your first job is catching up on the backlog of Forum Badges, right? :sunglasses:
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    @Fluxxx anyway, thanks for listening to the feedback in the forum. i know it's your job but many requests were answered unlike some other gaming forums. hope your future role will continue to make NML great for a long time coming. All the Best !!!

    and Welcome @Lexia !!!  can't wait to see you in the upcoming event promo video.
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    Welcome @Lexia
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    Welcome @Lexia! Congratulations on being the new CM and good luck :)