Multi-Guild Matches in GW

I know that asking for a total reshape of game mode is unlikely to happen, but i am losing hope that we will ever get to good point in Guild Wars with current system so i am here proposing a slight change of approach on how matchmaking works

What if there is no Guild1 versus Guild2 Matches, but instead there is some kind of a "bounty" and multiple guilds sign up to battle and fight for it ? 

Let's consider when team signup with 10 players : 
Reaching 14000 VP in battle with 10 on current map is extraordinary play.
Reaching 13000 VP is great
Reaching 12000 VP is very good
Reaching 7000 VP is not bad
And so on ( NG knows better how much lowest guilds in game score) 
Set the "target" for all kinds of guilds.

Players sign up for battle normally, like now. Leader, need to have ability to pick a "target" for every battle. 
--- So, DAY 1 - Team of 10 is playing, Leader choose a target of 13000 VP .
-----Battle start, 15 more guilds choose the same target, and they are all battling against eachother on the same map. 
---Primary goal for everyone is to reach the target. Score above 13000 VP and you unlock the bounty. Doesn't matter how many other guilds reached it.
----Now, to spice things up, Guild with biggest score get an extra reward(flat boost, or multiplier, whatever) to their VP and RP. 

Battle results : 
You failed to reach the target - You lost. RP and VP get no multiplier
You reached the target but there are guilds with better score - You won the primary goal, get small increase in both VP and RP. 
You reached the target and ended up being the best guild in the group - You won, get biggest increase in VP and RP 

Note: If target you choose is bigger, bigger will also be reward points (especially VP) For reaching it. This will make guilds re-group, and those competitive ones will face eachother from day 1 until last day trying to win the season, while others will be able to choose the target according to their potential  and fight against guilds who have similar ambition and capabilities.

Why this ?
This game is relatively small, has a 5-6 powerful guilds, ~20 solid ones who may be able to sometimes upset the odds but are pretty much in big handicap against the top ones. Further we go down the board it's fair to say matchmaking works better and there are more equal guilds, even matches. But, literally every day you have at least one unhappy guild, who get a miss-match, lose in forward.

 There is an option to plan the battle formations or skip specific days to get better matches, but then we have people who see this as a chicken move and unfair abuse of the system.
Can't we just put an end to it, play multi guild-matches instead, where everyone can choose how hard they want to play, set a primary goal and fight to reach it ? Need to still work as a team to accomplish this, and won't feel unfair or unlucky, screwed by the game, since you choose your own destiny.
There is still competitivness in this, if you are "the best" in the group of guilds who fight for same "bounty" you get extra points.

I can write more detailed about this, but i think it's enough to get the point, want to hear first impressions.
Thanks for reading


  • aquila
    aquila Member Posts: 227
    Sounds like a more friendly environment for the community,  so I'm sure it won't be a popular idea 😂
  • Firekid
    Firekid Member Posts: 3,191 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I love this idea, most of the time we aren’t really playing “against” the other guild but just playing the best that we can. Maybe we take it easier when up against a guild that we know we can beat but we want the RP so that tends to push us to do our best anyway. 
  • WellyLuga
    WellyLuga Member Posts: 3,259 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Yeah, it's similar to sports (If you can call them all that) like golf, darts, bowling. You're playing your own game and how the opponent is playing doesn't really have an affect on what you're doing. 

    I don't know if it's the answer but I do think GW needs an overhaul. The varying teams meaning certain team formations are higher scoring than others, the fact that you can outscore a team winning every battle whilst losing several of yours is a bit broken. Plus all the problems with matchmaking etc.