Scavenge Fragments & Components Mode

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Scavenge mode has been going on for a long time, so an update is needed so that players don't get bored and have a new enthusiasm for farming. I propose a new mode, namely Scavenge Fragments / Components Mode. 

Besides that, we need low rarity fragments and components for navigating badge crafting cycles. The drop rate in Scavenge mode is currently very low, making it difficult and difficult to collect. Players with different council level are getting the same amount of 1 component/fragment per crate. It should be increased to, let's say, to random of 2-6 (maybe those numbers can depend on council level). High level players are doing nightmare distance and can't get brown/green components.

Thank you in advance and congratulations to gorgeous @Lexia on the new position


  • MaxTer
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    Excellent idea, bro!!! Let so be it!!!
  • ghost_pepper
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    It's like an echo around here. Do it!
  • IcePeter
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    Fragment/components is the one area where we appreciate getting 1-2* items. I’m all for it. 
  • Vov
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    Hi @Lexia. Congratz to your new position as CM. 
    The idea of increasing chance of getting low rarity comps and frags has been pitched several times since I started playing and knew about the crafting map. 
    Once again, I hope you and the team can look into it and provide some better solutions to it. Especially now I can't get 1* parts from buying Components Crate after upgrading Scavenge to lvl2. 
    We have component weekend events, how about fragment event on Monday and Tuesday every few week?
  • Lexia
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    Thank you guys. I've noted the discussion and your thoughts on the matter :smile:
  • Danmen
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    @Lexia thanks and very appreciate for your attention. 👍🙂
  • RickMSA
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    Excellent idea! Just delete equipment scavenging (never got the sense of that mode) and introduce components. Thanks! :-)
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  • Danmen
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    @MaxTer, @IcePeter, @Vov and @RickMSA. Thanks all 👍