With Neagans latest upgrade is he now classed as one of the better bruisers. Jay Z latest update to hero,s still has him as not of much use except in outposts. Surely be is now better than that ???


  • WellyLuga
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    I rolled him to the standard hero bruiser traits of dodge, lucky, retaliate and punish. His LT is extremely powerful for OP/GW defence since he effectively stops bruisers from being able to stun your team alongside the reduction in damage and increase in your own. He's probably the best hero in the game to lead your defence, maybe a close second to Carl for some people.
  • UserDoe
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    Without Negan the current challenge would've ended at least 2 probably 3 levels earlier for me. Simply for that reason I consider him one of the better bruisers now. But of course as always it depends on the individual playing style how useful he really is.
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    He wont be that useful outside defense, until we can control what he is marking.
  • scruffy13
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    Thanks guys for the input. I see he has split opinions on his worth going forward. I would have thought that anything which reduces enemies abilities to inflict and increase damage given is good, but I am not a top player and don't understand the % ratings that are mentioned on here
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    How effective is he in the Challenge or as an offensive team in GW at higher levels?
  • IcePeter
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    30% to offense and defense with no inflicted status is incredible. The unmarked opponents are why he isn’t a clear #1.

    In GW, if you hit him with ranged after walkers spawn close, drawing his marks, you can mostly neutralize his leader trait.