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I really want some clarity on a few things but cannot find any sources.

The main questions I have, revolve around defenders using charge attacks.

Do defenders actually charge up and use charged attacks?  If so, are they sloppy with it by using it as soon as they get it on the first target?  

For example, if I had RGG as lead & all my defenders start fully charged.  Do they use their charge attacks on the first walker they see?

When setting up guild war defenders, what is everyone’s preferred leaders and why?

Does anyone have a good FAQ link for questions over GW defenders?  Good sources for this game are so hard to find!


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    Defenders in outpost or GW do not use charge attacks, and badges dont count either, putting them at a huge disadvantage.  In GW, good leaders are Carl, Negan, and maybe Dwight. Their LT work passively. Also, any equipment you put on them will auto level to match the attacker level, and will be fully upgraded even if you didnt put exp into it. A good strategy is to load up teams with ranged fire to take advantage of fire bug, and prevent attacker from using charges if they are on fire. Defenders can still get crits off, especially since the levels are equal, so crit chance on gear can help, and any defensive traits on armor can help make them harder to kill.
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    Tyvm!  The rest I was aware of but confirmation is always great!  Charge attacks was my main concern… so ruthless trait is useless on them.
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    Also Yumiko lead and 2 hunters with revenge, retaliate, critical aim, lucky all with fire weapons. Just don't go full @IrishNudist - wear an armor with Stun resistance, iron skin, bullet dodge and your opponents will be sweating bullets! :)
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    I don't believe badges don't work cuz i have seen a lot of survivor resistance my attacks

    Also I have see glen using the fire attack of the musket but this was the only time i see a survivor using charge attack. (It was on December i guess)

    Also I use charge attack to do critical to those that resist my attacks, that doesn't  mean ruthless don't work but now I'll pay attention to it