Fast Walker Retaliation

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@Lexia @Fluxxx @zbot

Having a Fast Walker retaliate is questionable. It makes it really difficult, which is fine. I love the challenge 

But having Fast Walkers stunned 1 turn, then your Bruiser uses their Punish trait and the stunned walker is now active as you miss the stun. The walker retaliates from your Punish. This is such a grey area! 
I understand the mechanics by it as I’ve had this discussion many times with other knowledgeable players. 
But I want to tell you that this is utter BS. I’m okay if they retaliate but when it’s straight off the 1 turn stun and coming from a punish as they “wake up”
I suppose I should be happy they don’t matrix dodge charge attacks or normal strikes like they did in the past. But the this instance I have mentioned above should not happen. 
You are being Punished for having Punish lol

I don’t expect a reply because I already know the answer…
Batman Out


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    @brucewayne007 I agree with you on this issue

    End of the enemy turn is still the enemy turn so the stun should be in effect

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    Do you want fast walkers cause bleeding back ?
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    zbot said:
    @brucewayne007 I agree with you on this issue

    End of the enemy turn is still the enemy turn so the stun should be in effect

    I know, I knew the answer. 
    I guess I just wanted to vent at the annoyance mid GW battle at fast walkers lol 

    Most people dislike Spikers and goos/tanks. But it’s the Fast Walkers that I hate. 
    But it’s a great challenge, I enjoy all different variables that GW gives. Good and bad! 
    I don’t mind that fast walkers retaliate. I think it’s pretty cool and a nice variation. It’s off the punish that frustrates me. 
    All the best mate. Thanks for the reply
  • brucewayne007
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    Fast walkers have definitely been an interesting instalment over the time. 
    I must admit I do like the variety and slight variation to your approach. 
    Cheers mate. 
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    What about retaliation through the obstacle?
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    The 'free attack' part too needs highlighting too. To me, if something is free there should be no chance of it costing you anything. No drawbacks. Especially since you can't choose where your punish hits. I've failed missions due to this bullshit.
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    I had a situation in GW where a speedy came around a blind corner and insta struggled Yumi.  I used Sasha to root attack the struggling speedy which broke the struggle, but didn't kill it.  Yumi's leader trait then triggered and she fired.  Speedy retaliated and it was mission over.  Felt like a really cheap way to lose.
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    I guess they retaliate should be lower and don't avoid the survivor retaliate

    If you go with any survivor that retaliate and you hit and get retaliate your survivor don't retaliate back! If i have the trait and haven use why don't active?
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    They also retaliate through wall -_- NG pls fix