Piercing have to be as razor!

I don't know why if those traits were make for the same and razor avoid X% by default and piercing don't!

Why I'll need to set up my hunter for get a lot of damage if won't get a normal or critical attack?

Piercing have to avoid x% of resistance too


    ATLAS-Z Member Posts: 6,692 ✭✭✭✭✭
    More likely just another nerf on melee via a nerf on Razor.

    Careful which trees you shake

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  • UserDoe
    UserDoe Member Posts: 45
    Step away from the tree and don't even think about shaking it 😬
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  • pollorex
    pollorex Member Posts: 257
    Jajajaja i don't know what you mean but ok! I'll go slow and silent by my way.

    By the way I love to play we melee but I want to get out of the bank some hunters too
  • pollorex
    pollorex Member Posts: 257
    Ok i looked for the word i miss so you are giving a so bad idea you have even think mention that!