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Has anyone been able to receive the Whisper Mask support tokens from the last week of Last Stand?

I sent a message to support and it's been a few days and I haven't got mine...

@Fluxxx and @Lexia Is there any solution to make this token exchange or reward players for the mistake?


  • WellyLuga
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    You aren't alone. Nothing received either.
  • Busta
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    Support must of quit… 3 days and no answer at all let alone the exchange of tokens. Pathetic really. Just keep pushing us all further out the door is what they are doing. 
  • CliffBarnes
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    Well, there is still no word about compensation for a full week of absent in the last GW either... So, sit back and relax, this will take some time. 
  • ShadowWalker
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    Everything would've been good if NG just said something like:

    "We apologize for not sending out the correct rewards, but it will be impractical for us to change the rewards for everyone at this time. Here is 100 Whisperer Tokens for that mistake, and 100 Shiva tokens for not being able to get any during the first week." 
  • deividaclima
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    No return from support 
  • Killdozer187_
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     I turned the page on the last stand
  • Governator
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    Maybe they all decided to take a vacation. :sunglasses:
  • MrLucky
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    Maybe they all decided to take a vacation. :sunglasses:
    Yeah. Left us here like one of those MIA Vietnam rescue movies. Where's our hero to come and save us!?   :p
  • Governator
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    Everybody to tha choppa! :sunglasses:
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    Got my whisperer masks this morning, thanks @Lexia and extend my thanks to the team for all their hard work with this cluster

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    MrLucky said:
    Maybe they all decided to take a vacation. :sunglasses:
    Yeah. Left us here like one of those MIA Vietnam rescue movies. Where's our hero to come and save us!?   :p

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  • Burmeliinis
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    Still waiting for mine...
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    Pensé que los cambiarian a todos ... no sabía qué tenia que reclamar 😔 a ver cuánto tarda el cambio 🤪
  • Lexia
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    I just checked with support and seems like most of the tickets have been handled (a few still pending). Most likely final ones done by tomorrow.

    If you still haven't gotten the tokens exchanged, please check for a possible reply from support (maybe additional details were required) or kindly reach out again in case your ticket (or request) has been missed. I know some have reached out on multiple topics, so might have been missed in the thread (my apologies if that is the case).

    Thank you for your patience everyone 😊