GW: day participation

Is it more advantageous to fill a given day or split into a few days?


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    Depends on your goal

    You get more rewards per player if you have 10 vs 10 but it can be very difficult to win vs other teams unless all 10 of your guys are strong.

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  • WellyLuga
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    A mix of 6-8 across 6 days is best if you're maxing for the leaderboards. With 10 you clear more sectors overall so your rewards for the shop are a little better.

    As mentioned you really need to be strong throughout your team. It depends on the strength of your players and how close the weakest player is to the strongest.
  • pollorex
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    edited September 2021
    Easy, look how strong you are as a team. You can do looking Stars in challenge ! If you think you are good enough just don't care and go for the Glory!!

    Then see the how guildmates you have. After that calculate how much can you earn with the max number of players 

    Finally split them in team and calculate per day sum everything

    The biggest amount will tell you what to do!