Having a textbox for each player

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Hi all,

Create a strategy on Guild War within the game (and not with Facebook or anything else) is currently very complicated.

One of the reason why is because we have no way to know the ability of our teammates to reach high level or what they prefer to do on Guild War (Zombie Level or Hero Level).

Could you allow the possibility for each member to have a commentary zone where we can write for instance "I can reach RSL+10, play more often in the end of afternoon,...", anything that might help to plan a battle.

I guess it's not very difficult to implement (it's just a textbox); What do you think about it?



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    Just create google sheet and share the link with your guildmates and ask them to fill their information.
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    You didn't read properly my post... I said:

    "within the game"
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    It would be nice to have a decent in-game chat with even the possibility of direct messages or setting up groups. This is why a lot of guilds have created chat groups in outside apps to do this. Given that there's a good workaround outside the game and that so many other things are broken in the game, I'd like the devs to focus on things that will make the game better. I can live without the in-game chat being enhanced, but would prefer to see walkers unable to walk through fences or have my team able to shoot a walker right behind a gate. My 2 cents...
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    Okay 3 things:  (suggestions)

    1.  I would like to be able to send and receive private messages. 

    2.   And/Or a translate application within the game to help communication where language barriers are an issue. 

    3.   One more idea... for clan or guild members, an area for browsing/viewing/managing the many different options for those interested in guild play.
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    It would be a vast improvement if NG simply created an optional filter for HOW guilds communicate outside of the game. That way a new player or returning player or guild surfing player can filter through options of the major chat clients. Facebook, line, Whatsapp, discord etc. You will only pull up groups that specify the chat client or clients you select.

    We don't need a new chat system built into the game. We only need a filter that allows players to find ready healthy groups more easily.