Let's increase the difficulty of GW



  • WellyLuga
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    Arnoldas said:
    Just change the draw with 1.5 multiplier for both teams, that will solve the problems, nothing else needed, it is fine as it is right now. 
    Only for max scores. Anything other than perfection shouldn't be rewarded, a draw is a draw.

    And here I am with one star purple SAY (princess isn't purple yet) with full gold badges and I'm maxed at 36s while you talk about being bored at 49s. I'm not sure how many folks are in your boat or what I'm doing horribly wrong, but do share some ranged GW videos to help the rest of us give you a better run. 😅
    Here's a playlist from a 1036 max score (minus KAW). I now use Sasha, Mercer and Yumiko in every mission I can though.