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As we have 5 supports now and already have to be aware which weapon and which armor we have to choose for each map, I´d like to ask for the option, to switch the supports between the survivors after entering the map.

Is that possible to code @Fluxxx @Lexia?



  • Yikes
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    Why not just incorporate support into the tools menu so that any hero can use any support inside the mission?  It would also remove those buttons so that they’re not so close to the charge attack button where it’s easy to misclick and also obscure part of the map. Cancelling should also work like tools with a cancel button. Cancelling the mask is such a pain right now.  This can all be solved by implementing it to work exactly like how tools work and what players are used to. 
  • Carl_Tyreese999
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    Yeah..... No. They already made the game hella easy with tools and now supports. I feel like doing anything more would remove the strategy aspect all together. People already miss the good old days of just having survivors, this would just cause a riot
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    What they should actually do is make tools useable like they do with supports. Equip the tools you want to use to the survivor, then can only use 1 tool per turn and only from that survivor. Maybe each survivor could hold 2 tools. Then you click the survivor and then their toolbag and in it is their tools and support. 
    That would bring back a real tactical feel to the game and allow them to bring our more tools to get without making the game too easy. 

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    Firekid said:
    That would bring back a real tactical feel to the game and allow them to bring our more tools to get without making the game too easy. 

    The playerbase doesn´t consist just from 4878 endgameplayers, who are bored to death on friday evening ;)

  • Firekid
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    But that’s ok, isn’t it? As long as it’s the same for everyone? Yes you may not get as many stars but we managed to enjoy the game before tools and badges even existed. Also some of those 4878 end gamers may not be if they made some changes to make the game harder again. One of the reasons I loved the game was that it was hard, that you had to really think and plan to get through maps. You were battered and bruised and scraped through a tough map and it was the best feeling ever. I’m not saying get rid of tools, you could give all 3 survivors 2 flares each of you wanted.  Anyway it’s never going to happen as the cat is out of the bag now.

    Yes I know, if I want it to be harder then just remove all my badges, and don’t use tools supports, yumiko etc. that’s absolutely amazing advice! Just a shame that I also want to be competitive and be on an even playing field but who cares about those little details. 
  • WellyLuga
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    I'd get behind another nerf to tools. We complained and complained about how they were dominating things and they finally caved, 1 per survivor per turn. Not much of a nerf :lol:

    Hopefully the rumours about a 4th and 5th star are true and one of them is for playing tool free.
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    Cause yeah
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    Doesn't hurt to dream I suppose

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