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Last year I lobbied for a reduction in the  tomatoes needed to upgrade the higher levels of the game. This came after I reached max level and I knew most people wouldn't want to endure what I had gone through. It would bring on an unnecessarily early game death. The conversation still comes up at times.

I would again like to lobby for another shift in the games economy. I think the value of Governor, hunter Maggie, and pgg tokens should be deflated compared to other heros. These heros are NOT critical to the game meta. (Pgg has a good LT but that's good at any level.) I think these hero tokens should be in their own unique offer paired once every month with tomato Monday.

15 radio offer where 1 card is guaranteed to be Governor, or hunter Maggie, or Pgg AND there should be triple tokens for these 3 heros. 

Tbh, I think it should be more than triple tokens but let's go with that as long as 1 card is guaranteed. This will allow newer players to get their farming characters setup more easily. I think this should be the only offer up for the 2 days of tomato Monday, every single month. 

Packages to sell.
-piercing decimator, tactical spear, lucky harpoon (optimal gear for the 3 tomato farming heros) for 5 dollars
Add in the gold and radios and also a HUGE amount of upgrade tokens. These items are good for farming but not for anything else and should not be tied down to the upgrade token system, so make it as painless as possible
-24 hours free gas for 1 dollar
-24 hours double XP for 1 dollar
-48 hours free gas and double XP for 2 dollars

The current max tomato offer will never be as popular as radios will be for a triple guaranteed token call for 15 radios. Max tomatoes are less valuable early on when the max level is smaller and less important when players see later on they can simply grind for their tomatoes. I've never heard anything but disdain for this offer. So, do something else which players actually want.


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    If NG wants to keep it's player base growing right now to replace the natural end game player attrition, I think a more proactive approach to developing players should be taken.
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    -24 hours free gas for 1 dollar
    -24 hours double XP for 1 dollar
    -48 hours free gas and double XP for 2 dollars
    I always have thought they should add a:
    12h 2XP 
    6h 2XP

    12h gas
    6h gas
    No everyone like to fill they are rushing or say i won't play all this time, also cheaper offer more Sales!