Are badges sets random?

Today i was crafting when I get the line with good stuff  in column A i see my sets where in pairs or more so if someone now please tell me

Are sets random?
Is there a way how to now next set?


  • pollorex
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    I make those 3 in order 
    A30 IPR
    A31 DRB
    A32 SVD
    if you see they have the same sets!
  • ghost_pepper
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    Set is random. Slot is random based upon odd or even which is determined. Bonus is random but only within certain groupings. 

    You know you get a hero bonus. Which hero, that is random.

    You know you get odd or even. (So set odd for dr% badges and even for health%, then there is less conflict when badging heros.)

    Set is random but there are only 5, and you already have 1. Rerolling set is likely cheaper than rerolling slot and almost certainly cheaper than rerolling bonus. Set and slot remove existing and previous shapes and positions from the results pool. You are increasingly likely to get what you want when rerolling them. Bonus reroll is not like that. The bonus reroll removes the previous 10 specific bonuses you have had from the outcome possibilities. Each hero represents a unique bonus so the bonus results from rerolls comes from a vast pool of bonus possibilities which is filled mostly with heros, making nearly all badges with hero combinations completely useless.

    So that's why I never craft gold badges when a hero bonus is next. If you are reading this and everything is valuable news to you, join the community discord for more and check out the #badges chanel.
  • pollorex
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    So I was just lucky when got 3 sets in a row.
    I'm in discord already i got there yesterday i guess