4.7 Starlight Update Notes

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The Walking Dead: No Man's Land 
"Starlight" Update Notes

Sneak Peak Video:



The seasonal campaign for the Winter season is the No Man’s Land Winter Hunt Campaign. You will be able to collect the seasonal tokens in the Distance, Challenges, Trade Goods Shop and Daily quests.

Campaign begins on December 27th 2021 and ends January 17th 2022 at 1PM UTC.

The highlight rewards are: Starbound Rifle (Hunter Weapon) and Guardian Carol (Hunter).


 New Hero: Guardian Carol (Hunter)

Your go-to hero for great backup and fantastic support, to all members of the team.

Her Leader Trait:

 Coup de Grâce

Every time Carol's main attack does not kill her main target, she has a {X}% chance to deal an immediate follow-up attack for {Y}% of full damage.

In addition, whenever she inflicts a status effect, you have a {Z}% chance to gain a charge point.

As a leader, each member of your team gains this bonus.

Trait values:

Remaining traits: 

Revenge, Lucky, Sure shot & Critical aim

• Follow-up attack only happens on active attacks (so not overwatch, retaliate, punish etc.). If a charge attack does not kill an enemy, the trait can still trigger

• The Follow-up attack happens immediately after the main attack, so e.g. traits like Firing Squad, Swift Strike (weapon trait), enemy's retaliate, will happen only after the follow-up attack

 • Both the X% chance and the Z% chance get boosted by the Lucky trait

• All other traits that buff damage, give chances for attacks to inflict status effects, or gain extra charge points etc. will apply to the follow-up attack

• Stuns inflicted by a Push collision are not considered directly inflicted by the survivors
• If the enemy is pushed out of range on the first attack, the follow-up attack will not happen


 Ezekiel (Warrior)

Ezekiel’s leader trait is reworked, and now gives some great opportunities to eliminate enemies before incoming attacks.

His Leader Trait:

  Regal Authority

Ezekiel preemptively strikes the enemy before an incoming attack, dealing {X}% of total damage. Activates once per turn.

As a leader, each member of your team gains this bonus.

• This is a separate attack from Overwatch or Retaliate, so the order of attacks is: Overwatch, Regal Authority, Retaliate

• If Regal Authority pushes a target, then the enemy attack will not happen at all, and neither will the survivor's retaliate attack

• The Interruptor trait applies to the Regal Authority attack, so when Ezekiel with Interruptor hits the enemy before their attack, it will cancel that attack

• Ranged survivors, or survivors with long-range melee weapons can preemptively attack against ranged enemy attacks as well.



New Weapon: Starbound Rifle (Hunter)

Special Functionality: 

Attacks do not have a range limit. Attacks beyond {X} spaces away deal {Y}% of normal damage.

Traits: Silver Charging, Gold Destructive & Gold Piercing



 New Support: Carol’s Cookies

When you want to get boosted and really take the most out of your upcoming attacks!

Skill description:

Get +{X}% total damage for normal attacks and +{Y}% for charge attacks of the user for the next {Z} turns.

Skill values:


 New Support: Hwacha

For getting hits and damage in before the enemy gets too close.

Skill description:

Fires arrows at {X} random enemies in an area, damaging enemies for {Y}% of survivor's total damage and with a {Z}% chance of setting the enemies on fire. Minimum range 3 spaces away.

Skill values:



Star Hero

The game features a weekly Star Hero that has boosted health and damage, and an extra star level in all game modes. 

In addition to this, when playing Challenge with the Star Hero as the team leader, you gain an extra 4th star when you complete a mission with 3 stars.

Details of the current Star Hero and the specific features will be visible on the camp, just beside the ‘Black Market’, as well as in the Survivor and the Challenge mission hub.

Star Hero camp view and additional details


Star Hero Call

Along with the Star Hero, there is a special weekly Star Hero Call. The radio call is visible to players who do not have enough tokens to unlock that Hero.

The call itself has increasing odds for every unsuccessful attempt you make. This means that if you do not get the Star Hero tokens on your first try, the next call will have a higher chance of giving you the tokens.

If your second try doesn’t yield the Star Hero tokens, your third call will have an even higher chance. This goes on for every attempt you make, until you get the reward. 

Details of the call and the chances will be visible in the Radio Tent.



 Expert Mode

Last Stand will now have two different difficulties to choose from before going into a mission - Normal and Expert mode. The difficulty is only chosen for that specific mission, which means you do not have to commit to one or the other during a specific Last Stand cycle.

Expert mode features all regular survivors, and a pool of 10 random Heroes from which you need to choose your team members. The randomized pool of Heroes is the same for all players, and refreshes weekly.

Expert mode starts from a +7 offset level of your three highest level survivors in your roster, or your highest equipment level minus 3 - whichever is higher.


Scores, Rewards and Leaderboards

Playing Expert mode automatically gives you a set multiplier to your total score, and since you start a Last Stand mission at a higher level, the wave rewards are also higher.

The same leaderboard is shared by all players, but if any of your top 3 scores are obtained from Expert mode, you will have an equivalent number of Expert badges attached to your leaderboard position and score. 

E.g. If all 3 of your top scores are done in Expert mode, you will see three Expert badges together with your name and score.



There is a new council level 28 available for players at player level 75.

This new council level increases the max level of the Workshop, Training Grounds, XP Tents and Mission Car. 

         • The maximum level of survivors and equipment is now 29 and 32, respectively.

         • The upgrade unlocks an additional XP Tent, buildable at council level 28. Max XP tent level is now 12 → increasing production and capacity to 4k/h and 28K, respectively

         • Mission Car max level is now 15 with a max capacity of 45 gas

All upgrades have a 24h upgrade time, with costs being the following:

         • Council level 28 - 14 million supplies

         • Workshop level 26 - 13,5 million supplies

         • Training Grounds level 28 - 13,5 million supplies

         • XP Tents level 12 - 5,35 million supplies

         • Mission Car level 15 - 15 million supplies



• Black Market shows a clear ‘New’ indication for refreshed offers

• Black Market offer refresh has a visible notification for when a new ad is available

• Overwatch trait notification only shows up when the trait activates, instead of whenever the survivor end the turn with an action point available

• Fixed visual issue with guild member buttons and ‘stars withheld’ text aligning on top of each other

• Fixed bug with flare effects ending too soon from Bruiser ‘Punish’ attacks

• Fixed issue with Yumiko’s leader trait not taking weapon damage into account

• Fixed issue with Guild Wars individual scores occasionally getting recorded twice for some players

• Fixed bug with the Ornate Bident follow through not activating when hitting multiple targets

• Fixed issue with Last Stand cycle rewards not being claimable if you’re in the middle of a mission when the cycle changes

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