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Sorry if this is asked before.   If I leave my guild do my guild shop points come with me?


  • ionica
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    Yes, your reward points are linked with your account, not with the guild.
  • FuriousMoldovan
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    Both your RP (Reward Points for Guild Shop) and Total VP (Victory Points) remain with you.

    And if you come back to the same guild after leaving - all VPs that you earned in this guild will show up again in GW guild leaderboard.
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    As above. I think also if you join a guild that is in a higher tier than the one you just left, you won't unlock the rewards until you play one battle with them. At least that's what used to happen a while ago, I remember was it Army Of Slayers who got to master tier at the very beginning invited dozens of people to join so they could buy the top rewards.
  • Steeboon
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    Adding on, if you leave your guild after playing at least a battle and rejoin after the end of season, you are entitled to whatever tier they unlocked without the need for another battle played.

    For example, you left when they are in Gold 1 and returned when they reached Master, you automatically get access to Master rewards.