Best Weapons in the Guild Wars Shop

These are some of the weapons I have from the Guild Wars Shop with the Infused Red 4th Trait

In my opinion I think these are the Top 3 - Have I missed any? 

Winter Flare Gun Infused with High Powered - Charging, Lucky, Fire and High Powered ideal to set targets on fire
Import 57 Infused with Incendiary -
Lucky, Destructive & Crippling - first Shooter weapon with crippling & fire
Golden Incendiary Rifle Infused with Incendiary - Large Caliber, Destructive, Piercing great to set many walkers on fire

Kingdom Sword Infused with Threat Reduction - Tactical, Destructive, Razor useful on TR maps but Morning Star has the edge

Golden Scissors Infused with Threat Reduction - Tactical, Destructive, Razor useful on TR maps but Crescent Edge still better for me

Ricks Alexandria Pistol Infused with Lucky - High Powered Destructive & Crippling

Assault Uzi Infused with Wide Spread - Tactical, Concussion, Lucky - Not sure of when I would use either of these weapons much
Governors Assault Rifle Infused Wide Spread - Tactical, Concussion, Piercing - Decimator still my perferred Assault weapon

Think I will do a post on GW Shop Infused Armour next  :p

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  • FuriousMoldovan
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    Out of all these weapons, only 3 shooter weapons are useful and nearly best-in-class.
    Others don't have any real use compared to all available weapons. Maybe GW Uzi, since it's an improved GAR. But again you won't use it if you have Lucky DCM.
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