A lot of players leave the game.

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I see a bad situation in my favorite game.  This situation upsets me.  Many players are leaving the game.  I communicate with these players and I know the reason for this.  Players leave due to constantly appearing bugs, almost no new modes, no development, old modes in Beta version, many bugs.  However, there is no hope.  For example, let's take the last situation, which has already been discussed and even closed the topic.  The situation was about Ezekiel.  The players found a minor bug that gave a chance for variety in the game.  For some unknown reason, our esteemed development and support team put all their efforts into fixing this bug.  This is not even a bug, but an opportunity to give the game some fresh air.  ) At the same time, we see that the rest of the bugs remain in the game until now.  For example, everyone is still playing Guild Wars Beta.  Three years Beta version with a lot of bugs.  Because of this, a lot of people leave the game.  They see no reason to continue to pay for being constantly used as a quality control team.  The support team said that we should report any bugs right away.  So we have to know all the nuances of the game, we have to keep it in our memory, we have to report all this to the support team, we have to pay money for it?  Let me give you an example: you went to the store and bought medicine.  They drank the medicine and found many problems (nausea, headache, memory loss, and so on).  We called support and reported these problems.  They say that unfortunately no one has tested this medicine yet, thanks for your observations and try to stay alive, otherwise there will be no one to report new problems to us, and we will think about how to fix these errors.  You go home, continue to observe how you feel and feel better.  Call the support service, report, and they say that there should be no improvement, they will replace the medicine with another one with poor characteristics, you should continue to buy this bad medicine and look for bugs in it.  Someone will continue to lose money and time on this, and someone will go to buy a medicine from another manufacturer, in which there are no bugs and you don’t have to constantly test something and wait for bug fixes.  What would you do in this case @Lexia?  This topic is not about Ezekiel, do not close it.  I wanted to talk about a situation in a game that is constantly losing players.  If this project is no longer going to be developed and supported, but only want to make a profit on the remnants of the gameplay, then please tell us about it so as not to deceive the players.
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    In the non-ezekiel direction of this thread, I too have concerns. I voiced them and my theories based on what I see. No profanity, didn't single anyone out etc. But that got erased so they're done with me addressing the topic.

    I do hope to see others discuss this. I hope the conversation stays up. Seems relevant given the current community vibe.

    I'll stick to reactions only.
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    I guess bugs priority is bad balance!
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    Or may want everyone leaves the game to close it🤔🤔
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    Main problem of this game is no any promotion i don't see any promo. No matter how good the game is, without advertising, new players will not know about it. 
    The player has only his time, and all the developers fight for this time. The more games, the less chance that someone will play your game. 

    Before this game I played Final Fantasy MOBIUS which was closed.
    The developers have driven themselves into a dead end, adding 2 heroes and new stupid stories per month. For the same reason I removed 7DS. 
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    I stopped supporting the developer with my money two months ago and do not plan to resume my support. 
    Also, for about 1.5 months I do not watch ads in the game, which also reduces the developer's income.
    I've retired my second account today and plan to stop investing my time making Guild Wars mode more interesting.
    This is all the result of the activities of the developer, who releases each latest update with bugs and when we resent these facts, we are simply told that we need more constructiveness. 
    This game is dead for me and only my community of players still keeps me in the game. OK game is bad and you have 2 accounts? Usually people with two accounts drive themselves into a shortage of time for real life.
    I had a player in the guild who said that she did not have time to play the challenge after 2600 points because SPY takes a lot of time and she does not have time. At the same time, she played with two accounts.
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    I've noticed that there have been over reactions to a few posts.  It seems that select words triggers a strong reaction and an understanding of the context  as a whole is ignored or missing. Interferes with good, honest communications.
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    from time to time, i gain more entertainment value by reading posts in this game's forum than playing the actual game. how ironic

    anyway, i have heard parents selling their children, siblings become enemies, friends betraying each other and business partner backstabbing partner, and all for one reason...money. so, it doesn't mean even if you are a loyal whale or an eager fan, that NG will treat you nice and listen to you
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    This may or may not be about Zeke’s LT…Imagine going to the car lot, seeing a car you really like.  The salesperson gives you a good deal adding tinted glass and sweet hubs if you upgrade to the sports package version of the car.  You agree and spend extra to get this good deal.  You get the car a couple of months later (thanks supply chain problems) and it is the basic version.

    you voice your displeasure and ask to speak to the manager.  The assistant manager comes and explains that it’s just the way it is.  You stand your ground and keep asking to speak with the manager but each time the assistant manager keeps coming out telling you that you’re lucky to get what your getting.

    The manager FINALLY comes out of his/her office, looks at you sternly and tells you tough luck, take what you get.  You are escorted outside the dealership and told to stop complaining and no further discourse is allowed.

    Forget about the extra money, time you worked gaining resources you spent for the upgrade and all the possibilities of having the upgraded version of the new car. You are SOL and BOHICA.  Thanks for nothing.

    ‘’Again this is just a general observation 
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    Wait a minute. Please clarify.

    When we watch ads, they make money?
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    Wait a minute. Please clarify.

    When we watch ads, they make money?

    yes they make and advertising revenue is a substantial part of their budget 
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    Copied from its statements

    The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land Throughout the reporting period, The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land continued to see highly profitable and stable monthly performance. No Man’s land is consistently performing EBITDA above 30% and continued to so during the latest reporting period. At the end of the reporting period 13% (12%) of the Company worked on The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land. The team had 3 major releases, and focus remained on live operations and bringing in content from the TV-show. This resulted in a positive response and high engagement from our players. Additionally, a significant amount of our production efforts was dedicated into building completely new features, such as a new game mode and character type, in order to expand our offering to players. The game continues to excel still, six years in.

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    Thank you for the feedback - negative or positive, we always appreciate seeing the care and passion that you show for the game and the community.

    There has been a growing sentiment related to some of the points you brought up, so I will try to address your points as transparently as I can, but I will also be closing this thread, because there is information on here that is misleading regarding the game, as well as our business.

    NML is now 6 years old - a lot of development has been done, and by now the code base is very complex - this means there are countless interactions in the game that we have to try to account for, but bugs are inevitable in software, even more so in such a complex game.

    Now in the case of Ezekiel - it was a bug that had a positive experiential impact, however it was very widespread and affected some fundamental combat mechanics. Leaving it untouched, would mean purposefully leaving a ‘wild card factor’ in the code, and hope that it would not result in more serious problems down the line, as we introduce more features and content. I hope that you can see how risky that would be for development, and at the same time it would make balancing more difficult. There are other bugs that are less widespread or have less dependencies across the game, which may be left for a longer time as we concentrate on higher impact bugs.

    Now I know that GW comes to mind - there are recurring bugs present in the mode, yes. Bugs in Guild Wars are not the same as regular game bugs. This is because many of them may be the result of high server load, a bug in how the game client and servers communicate, and so on. For example, we had the recent issue where some teams were able to score above the max score - this was because a of a client-server communication error that caused a command to be sent twice, eg. after completing a GW mission, your VP was sent twice.

    This also means that to investigate, work on a fix, resolve and monitor such issues, we need to collaborate with people outside of our team - those working on the platform and servers, as well as our server providers - this is naturally not as quick or straightforward as fixing a bug in the code.

    Nearly every release in the past 8 months or so, has contained some improvements to the server infrastructure or capacity, and there have been much less widespread issues than a few seasons ago. This is something we continue to release improvements to.

    Now there are some points made here that are not accurate or true. Mainly regarding “no new modes, no development”. We have introduced a new game mode just 6 months ago (Last Stand), and we have been iterating on it with the newly added Expert Mode. We have also introduced the Star Hero feature to the Challenge. Both of these were suggestions that came from the players, and of course we’re still monitoring and considering improvements going forward.

    With that said, the frequency at which new game modes or really significant features get added to the game will fall as the game gets older - novelty is important, but we also cannot have too many running simultaneously all the time.

    I hope that my response gives some clarity on some of the topics brought up.

    PS. Some has asked/commented about why someone’s comments/posts have been deleted - you may be warned for breaking Forum rules, however some offences are more serious. We do not tolerate any insults towards our staff, no matter how much you disagree with something. Such insults will be punished with a mute or a ban from the Forum, both of which result in all of your comments and posts being hidden.

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