GIRL POWER 2.0 (Information in English)

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Girl Power is back! Girl Power 2.0

To all NML players that are female or identify themselves as female: United we survive and thrive! Violence against women is not a game! For the second time, we want to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, with an event for all women in NML. No matter where you come from, which language you speak, how many stars you get in the Challenges, or which level you are: all women are welcome to join this event during the week of March 8! We will come together in guilds created for this event and play one Challenge with only women to show our unity.


To register for this special event, please fill in this google form:

Deadline for registering: February 6, 2022.


We will be using LINE (a free messaging platform) as the main channel of communication for this event. You can reach the entry chat for the event through this link: You can also reach out to our event admins directly through LINE:


In English:

Dr.MaximumSlayage (LineID: polismaxima), Charlie (LineID: charlie2221986), Mystic (LineID: Mystic-31),Lady J (LineID: dadoca)

Oreille d’âne (LineID: oreilledane), BabaJagna (LineID: BABAJAGNAPL), Tara (LineID: tara_ich), Gracey (LineID: GRACEYHIXE)


For other languages:

Deutsch: Tara (LineID: tara_ich), Andrea (LineID: andrea9612), Dr.MaximumSlayage (LineID: polismaxima)

Français: Oreille d’âne (LineID: oreilledane)
Italiano: Elena (LineID: Ellydixon2)

Polski: BabaJagna (LineID: BABAJAGNAPL), Gracey (LineID: GRACEYHIXE), Olga (LineID: OKAK-WASP)

Español: She Wolf (LineID: shewolfalfa), Claire (LineID: claire982)

Português: Lady J (LineID: dadoca)

русский: OxiTaxin (Telegram ID: @OxiTaxin)


We have admins covering English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Russian, and Polish.
Don’t see your language represented and want to get involved? Contact us through LINE!


GIRL POWER Organizing Committee
United We Survive and Thrive


We want to thank Next Games and Lexia for their support of this event!

NordakATLAS-ZDiElElAdelineOreilledaneOlgaOlgaLady Jtarascon


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    As an older male, inviting myself into this space is not something done without an acknowledgment that it’s precisely what I am doing. It is not meant to seem invasive.

    My in-game name is icdeadpeople… 
    I’m new to the game & this is my second post in the last week; I merely would like to voice my support and say that naming my survivors is essential to my immersion. It’s what I’ve done in LOTRO, Guild Wars (and XCom). 
    To the point— Among my walking dead crew I have an Ida B Wells, an Alice Toklas, and a Riotgirrrl. Perhaps one day I’ll have a Nomi Lamm too. 🤔

    Be well, have fun & good luck!
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    That is wonderful @tarascon! Thank you for sharing