Enemies spawn and get multiple hits

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No idea if working as intended, but doing Challenges, Scavenge, etc., there are times where an aggressive enemy spawns in near, or next to a hero (sometimes they spawn, then walk over to the hero) and gets a free attack. If hero retaliates and kills it in one shot, another walker next to it will move to the same spot and attack too (seems to also happen if hero kills it as part of Overwatch attack instead). If doing a Challenge, it can ruin the run if it's a high enough level, forcing you to wait for Hospital heal. 


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    To be clear, player moves to location or hasn't physically moved during previous turn, enemy spawns in and immediately moves to hero, attacks, gets killed with Retaliate, Overwatch, or even Revenge (if another hero has range), dies, and is immediately replaced by another enemy which also attacks. Rare instances second attack causes a struggle.
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    It's working as intended.
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    That's why I reroll Revenge out from Yumiko and Assaults