Allow Guilds to lock entrance to guild wars sign in until approved by Leaders

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We want players to be able to join the guild and to eventually play in guild wars if they choose after they have shown a commitment to the guild by actually participating in guild activities such as the Challenge (we only require a score of 400).  We do not require members to participate in Guild Wars, but if they sign up, they must play and use all their swords.   The problem is that many players are assigned to our guild when there are vacancies, and they tend to sign up for GWs and then disappear which has cost us many wars.  Once again, we just had 3 vacancies.  Players have been assigned.  The safe and easy method is too just kick them out.  Especially those players who are new and have next to no experience.  We don't mind someone needing to learn to be a better player; and are willing to help them.  We prefer to give them a chance.   This week alone, we have had players signing up for the war on different days for the war.  There is limited time to address any issues.  When communication to them is ignored, they have been dropped from the sign up group prior to the deadline.  Most have just sign up again or picked another day.  We encourage them to response to our attempts to discuss. 
 In today's war, we had to drop at least 3 people and explained why.  Then one signed up close to the sign-up deadline; we were stuck with them listed on the team.  That person did not show up for the war and we lost.  How hard could it be for those players being assigned to a guild having to be approved prior to joining the guild wars. In essence, they would be given a key to unlock the gate. Kicking them out would be easier and probably happens a lot; but it is not fair to those that actually want to develop and play.  When we use our time, effort and the cost of tools to have a good war, and someone doesn't show, it's extremely aggravating.  Can you help?


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    Also have to take away the incentive for people to exhibit such bad behavior. Guilds that have an open door policy where anyone can just join experience this leeching and ghosting strategy quite a bit. Why not?  These players get reward points to spend in the GW shop with little or no effort. At first, we excused them because we don’t know what is going on with their lives but it occurred so frequently that I just gave up and left my old guild to look for a group that vets it’s members. 

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    Ability to alert the actual member when login would be helpful too. When I 1st joined a guild, it was probably a good month before I ever looked at their chat tab more than once. I was too low a level and uninterested to GW so not a huge issue as I did Challenges regardless.

    Devs should be bending over chairs to accommodate people playing daily. Once TWD goes off air this year, unless they start incorporating other show characters/plots, what's to keep people playing?
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    Good question.
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    I read a lot about these ghosting players. My guild does not have this issue, as we filter the members.
    But, an entry level guild in the alliance has these kind of players, joining gw and not playing.
    I don't see what the devs could do to help you. 
    You should filter your players.