4.9 Rampage Update Notes

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The Walking Dead: No Man's Land 
"Rampage" Update Notes

Sneak Peek Video:



8 episodes based on the upcoming Season 11B of the show. Each episode will come out every Monday starting 21st of February.Complete each episode within a week of release to obtain extra rewards!Bonus: Each mission of the season will include Hwacha as a playable Support. 


The seasonal campaign for the Spring season is the Brawl & Order Campaign. Like before, you will be able to collect the seasonal tokens in the Distance, Challenges, Trade Goods Shop and Daily quests.Campaign begins on 28th of February and ends 21st of March at 1PM UTC.The highlight rewards are: Mercer's Axe for 2000 Spring tokens (Scout Weapon) and Riot Shield for 3000 Spring tokens (Bruiser Weapon).

weapons WEAPONS

New Weapon: Mercer's Axe (Scout)

Special Functionality: 

Attacks in a two space arc, covering the spaces to the front and front-right of the survivor. Overwatch attacks force the enemy to end their turn early.
The charge attack is an extra attack that inflicts a guaranteed critical hit in a three space arc.

Deals additional damage. Killing an enemy grants 2 charge points (instead of 1).

Traits: Silver Tactical, Gold Destructive, Gold Razor.


New Weapon: Riot Shield (Bruiser)

Special Functionality: 

Attacks in a two space arc, covering the spaces to the front and front-left of the survivor. Non-bodyshot attacks stun the enemies.

Charge attack stuns every enemy adjacent to the main target, and herds enemies in a two space radius around the main target. Stunned and stun resistant enemies will not be herded.

Traits: Silver Tactical, Gold Concussion, Gold Razor.


 New Trait: Ensnare (Weapon trait)

Trait description:

Non-bodyshot attacks have a chance to root the target for one turn. The chance is {x}% for melee and {y}%  for ranged classes.

Trait values:


 New Trait: Primed (Armor trait)

Trait description:

When you are out of action points, you have a {x}% chance to activate Overwatch.

Trait values:


Team Presets is a new addition that allows players to create and save up to three different combinations of teams together with supports. These presets are then selectable on the pre-mission screen, allowing players to quickly switch teams depending on the preferred playstyle.

The teams can be created and seen in both the ‘Survivor’ tab on the camp view, or in the team selection screen just before going into a mission.

Team Presets are not available in the Distance game mode.


You are now able to swap equipment between two survivors with just a tap, instead of having to first unequip it from that survivor.

When navigating equipment from the Survivor Preview, you can see three filters:

  • Unequipped: Equipment that is not currently in use by any survivors

  • Equipped: Equipment that is in use by another survivor AND eligible for swapping

  • Unavailable: Equipment that is in use BUT not eligible for swapping due to the fact that one of the weapons/armors are too high level for one of the survivors


• Changed Guild Wars battle draw multiplier to x1.5 (prior to update release)

• New Black Market offers included

• Support unlocking and promotion indicators made clearer and coherent 

• Changed the ‘Interruptor’ trait to work on all attacks, together with new values

• Changed Guardian Carol’s leader trait to allow the reigniting of already burning enemies to give a chance to gain an extra charge point

• Fixed issue with ‘Star Hero’ health calculation not working properly

• Fixed bug with the Ornate Bident follow through damage occasionally getting dealt to an enemy already killed by the main attack

• Fixed visual bug with Bulldozer Shotgun not showing XP notification for all kills

• Fixed issue with Last Stand partially incorrect wave rewards on Expert mode

• Fixed bug with player getting stuck mid-mission after using certain tools during Devil's Torch reload

• Fixed bug with Ezekiel’s LT together with push-mechanic weapons causing guaranteed enemy attack interruption

• Fixed bug with survivor portraits not getting grayed out after use during combat

• Fixed issue with animations not working for claiming resources that include Last Stand tickets to hell

• Fixed bug with Scout Glenn’s LT not staying active after getting killed in the Outpost

• Fixed issue with Rosita’s LT not always activating for single target attacks, when attacking with status effect inflicting weapons

• Added server-side fixes to reduce crashes on iOS, as well as crashes caused by Black Market refresh

• Multiple visual bugs fixed on various maps/missions, as well as other UI improvements