Challenge Rest Room - Ezekiel enters same square instead of attacking

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This must have been posted before, but I haven‘t found a post. Sorry if its a double.

In the current challenge I encountered a bug with Ezekiel on the map Rest Room. When trying to attack a walker I made one move and to get on the right square and then hit the walker. But instead of hitting it Ezekiel moved on the same field as the walker. This has happened to me twice. The first time I did not take a screenshot. This time I did. First time it was a tank, this time a normal walker. You can see Ezekiel standing on the same square as the lvl. 48 walker. Needless to say, I lost after this.


  • Lexia
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    @Delphi this is most likely due to the occasional bug with push-mechanic weapons pushing enemies but showing them visually in a different spot than they actually are. This will then allow you to move to a same spot together with the walker.

    Please reach out to support so they can look into lost resources and take necessary actions