Game crashes 4.9 (iOS)



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    Ok so far so good! 
  • Singer01
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    Thank you for the hotfix..
    I actually got on game first try..
    However, there has been talk about the compensation lol..
    How can you compensate the anguish and frustration of uninstall etc etc etc. Hours of trying this method, that method.. Throwing your iPad/phone against the wall.
    Having to rush through Challenge/Last Stand and Distance because you dont know when you will be able to get back on game..
    I hope NG devs have been working their butts off as much as what we have  :)
    Note to self.... Turn off automatic updates for future TWD updates and wait to see who can/cannot get on game afterwards lol
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    Its STINGER01 not Singer01 lol
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    @Lexia. Thank you NG for the compensation for having this issue happen for us iOS users. It was quite frustrating and the free 3-day Gas/XP Booster and 2 Tickets to Hell makes up for that. There might have been another gift that came through (like extra XP), but I may have missed it. It popped up so quickly and I wasn't ready for it. LOL.
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    I got the update 4.9.1 on iOS today and now the game doesn't finish loading. Is 4.9.1 the hotfix or is the real hotfix still pending for me?
    PS: I turned off notifications and it still doesn't load. 
  • zbot
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    @Diva t That should have been the hotfix.  
  • Diva
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    Thanks, @zbot
    I'm using an iphone 11 with iOS 14.8.1 and cannot get past the loading screen. The 3-finger-method doesn't seem to do anything either. I restarted the phone and even deleted the app. But after reinstall the game won't get any further. I had the update two days ago without any issues. Only after the update today I'm stuck. 
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    Still crashing. 🙄