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Can you explain this?
Had to restart the game a couple of times and then it disappeared. 
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    @Sg_Death please contact in game support so they can look into the issue.
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    It is easy: 
    When change, you are to change the selected weapon and take it to the selected character.
    On the screen you've tried to change Princess's armor to Mercer and Mercer's armor to Princess.
    I guess Princess is not enough Lvl high to wield Mercer's armor. 

    I ran into it couple of times while I realize how it works - so later not the restart healed it, but you maybe changed with other character and then they can use the proper one :)

    Hope it helped.
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    Make sure you always keep some lower level gear in your stock to help facilitate swaps.

    OCD selling all your unused gear will screw you here. Stop. 

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