Carol's Cookies Bug

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I have noticed a bug that has occurred a few times, causing me to go in a struggle if you aren't paying very close attention.
When using Mercer with the decimator and Carol's Cookies as a support I encounter this issue. On the turn I activate Carol's Cookies, I try to use Mercer's charge attack with the decimator, but I am unable to do so without moving. It should be that as long as an open space within 4 spaces is visible and in his line of sight, the decimator charge attack can be targeted on that space. However, that isn't what is happening. It seems that the bug (maybe triggered by the cookies?) won't allow the decimator attack to occur on an open space. 
If you aren't paying attention, this could force you to move into harms way as you mistakenly target a walker instead of the open space.
In this shot, Mercer's charge attack is active, but to target the open space 3 spaces away, it shows that he will first need to move two spaces according to the dark green movement line and white dot.
In this shot, I moved to the exit line and then tried to target the open space 3 spaces away with Mercer's charge attack. You can see it is active on his portrait and icon. The green circle showing the decimator's attack would not show and it appeared that Mercer would move 3 spaces without the attack happening.

I have encountered this bug several times since the update, though it is sporadic. Sometimes, it doesn't happen and there doesn't appear to be different gear or heroes that cause it to occur. I will submit a support ticket. I also have a video showing this bug that I captured.


  • ShadowWalker
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    I think the issue here is that Mercer actually can't see the walker and therefore can't target it himself. You only know it's there because it's in Yumiko's line of sight. 
  • Virtus
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    That shouldn't matter. While I don't have a screen shot of it because I didn't start the recording earlier, I checked his decimator charge attack before I activated the cookies (I think you should always do that before you actually decide to use those cookies). Prior to activating the cookies, his attack would have been possible without moving and would have stunned the walkers shown in the screen shot.
  • Shian
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    it's not the cookies fault  , Mercer can't see the walker that you are about to shoot the reason YOU see the walker is Yumiko stand right there and Decimator should be "Chagre attack can be shot anywhere on the map" but it have to be atleast one target around the radius to use the charge attack
    => Mercer can't see the walker so the Charge attack will count as no target detected in radius
  • echonap
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    When you activate a charge attack (but before using it) and then you use a support, the charge attack still shows active, but it actually isn’t. Quick fix is to click the survivor’s portrait again to deactivate the charge attack, then click it again and it will be active again. Then you should be able to target the ground w the decimator 
  • Lexia
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    @echonap thank you for pointing that out. Just tried it out as well, and that is indeed a bit confusing and may result in some unwanted mistakes. I'll check with the team if we could have a look at that.

    @Virtus thank you for bringing this up. I do not think it has to do with Carol's Cookies, but maybe something with the positioning of the enemies (around a corner/obstacle). I was able to reproduce a similar situation as well, so I'll request the team to take a deeper look into the matter
  • ghost_pepper
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    Ty for confirming this. Some of us have been curious about it and I've seen it come up in discussion before.