Guild War Comms/Solo War

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Guild War Comms:

Leader or Elder mark sections that shouldn’t be opened by others either via active Guild War Map (GWM), or via GW Sign-up Screen (GWSS). ie., Level 33 survivors should refrain from open any bonus levels.
Included with-in GWSS could be tab for Sector War Planner Map (SWPM) which would be similar to a GWM, to which Leader maybe able to cross out unwanted sectors, and players if they want can view the planner before entering into War.

[List pops-up showing added sector to complete or not.]

- Plyrs that view SWPM on their attack day can have their name highlighted on GWSS; or different color reticle [like green reticle that show your online]: ie., green reticle near name would have red stroke color to indicate viewing of SWMP; or with green reticle is symbol or letter: ie., green reticle with letter 'P'; or player name is auto added to SWPM when viewed.
* Leaders maybe could be able to nudge all players (up to three times) each war duration when their pinning message in chat in relation to Guild War.

Solo Wars:
- Runtime Same as Guild War; Same map slight variation; Sign up procedure same as Guild War.
- Guild Shop for tended to items.
- Random paths/difficulty open-up and instead of 12 places to attack it's 9 or 6. ie., Sectors would have mixture of difficulty levels and maybe appearance similar to Bonus Sectors.
* Sign up optionally to Guild War.
*Bonus Sector [with sparse points distribution] optional to all plyrs.
* Maybe solo War opens up after player uses all sword in guild war (on all there war days) or Solo War opens up when wars day ends.
* Leader Board: Stats [points] show guild members position in relation to Solo War activity and current guild war opponents Solo War activity.

Comments suggestions and thoughts are always welcomed.