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I know this is going to be unpopular and I’m expecting a shit storm but I’m calling on NG to suspend all Russian Guilds from Guild Wars and from the game until Russia ceases military actions and withdraws from the Ukraine.  I also call on NG to cease taking any financial payments from Russian players and guilDs for upgrades, bundles and resources.

I know we are supposed to be apolitical but now is the time to stand behind the People of Ukraine and show out support any way we can.  I mean no disrespect to the many Russian players nor the members of my guild.  It’s time we all take a stance, any way we can.


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    I fully agree. Please NG, don't be like FIFA or UEFA. Money isn't the most important thing. You also need to clearly explain to the players from Russia why they were excluded, because they are cut off from information from Ukraine.
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    Sorry, as much as I support Ukraine but can't agree with you(((( 
    As I know google and apple already suspended all the cash flow from russia and even if it did not stop yet NG could consider redirection all the money (maybe % from it) to certain foundations which have to support the Ukrainian army. 
    Also, followed your logic the Belorussian players should be punished too but they are just hostages of dictatorship the same as most of the russians
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    Nobody likes war and i am pretty sure the majority of Russians are not happy with the situation. 
    I wouldn't support punishing people from Russia to play , cause clearly it is not their fault what is happening .
    Even the ones that might support - one that has a small understanding with reality would understand that mainly - are victims of propaganda. Russia - like many other countries - are not countries that people can speak out their opinions freely .
    Blame their government , boycott the big companies of theirs and their products . 
    But just punish people that are here to get a relief away from the atrocities ? Not find a reason to be honest . 
    It is their leader that must apologize for their action , not the simple people . 
    Lets hope this thing ends really fast with the minimum casualties from both sides .
    And i really am a person that support Ukraine , and totally opposite with Russia actions . 

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