Walkers occupied same space as survivors

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This is the second time in this challenge 🤬 
This is annoying, 

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  • Cronus
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    I had this happen on at least three occasions. I could not target the "ghost" walker however on an assault attack this same walker would shake and take damage (so the walker was really there). I also experienced where the "ghost" walker and my survivor could occupy the exact same space. Shouldn't happen.
  • ghost_pepper
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    This happened to me in this week's challenge on Daryl's Nightmare. It was with Ezekiel. He pretaliate knocked the walker 2 squares to free himself, which I though was really cool.
  • zbot
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    It happens with the push mechanic exit and restart the game to see where the walkers are actually at
  • Lexia
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    This is known from before. Good tip from zbot above, otherwise, remember that you can always reach out to support in a situation like this so they can look into possible compensation for lost resources due to the bug
  • Kasimir
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    Same problem here… and always ezekiel involved… ghost walkers sharing their space eithnyou, another time Ezekiel stunned 2 walkers. One disappeared and came back to struggle daryl… that sucks