Deleted russia post

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I totally understand that this is a game and a forum for this game is not necessarily the best place to have a discussion about international events. I get that. I said as much the other week when these events started.

I don't think deleting that confused russians post was the right move. Deleting it doesn't really help fight the missinformation war. The russian state media is spewing the fascist/nazi propaganda like a fire hose into the people of russia's ears. 

If we don't TRY to counter that calmly and politely with the truth, then how are we helping?

I think the best move would have been keep my reply then lock the thread and pin it so everyone can see. I'm not even an official unofficial mouth piece. I'm just a player. I can see that it's not an ongoing discussion to have here but deleting a chance at the truth is exactly what putin did when he shut down the limited amount of free press in russia the other week. It only helps him.


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