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I'm from Russia and I want to explain to you what's going on here. Propaganda hides from 70% people everything that happens in Ukraine. They show a beautiful picture on TV where there are no victims. Most of the population is isolated from the truth, all alternative media are blocked.
People support what is shown on TV(Fake News like Ukraine wanted to attack first ). In their opinion, the whole world attacked Russia for no reason. Anyone who goes against the war is arrested by the police. If you call it "war", you will be arrested, is all because in Russia the "war" is criminal (article 353 of the criminal code), so they call it a special operation, for not to fall under article 353. Most people are like zombies, they don't even realize what they support. Every day they are shown Europe and the United States as enemies on TV. I'm scared what will happen next, I know that we will have a civil war at the end. 2 weeks is like a nightmare, for most adequate people, but they are few .


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    Thank you for sharing. It’s important that people in the west know what Russians are hearing and experiencing about the war. I’m sorry that you are being increasingly cut off from outside news and social media. What else can be done that would not start a nuclear war?
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