Idea to Support Our Ukrainian Friends and Russian Friends and Belarusian Friends.

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I have Ukrainian friends. A lot have fled the countries through Poland. Most have fled the big cities into western Ukraine, some are joining the resistance, most are joining the humanitarian efforts. A few are hiding in basements in Kyiv. I am in contact with many of them, and in fact I have started a fundraising website for one classmate from my days at Stanford University. PM me for info.

I have Russian friends. All of them are against the invasion. 2 of them already donated $100 in the first hour my donation website was up - making Russian donations exceed everybody else's donations combined. 1 of them was last seen posting her photos protesting the invasion at the streets with other Russians.

I used to have a Belarusian guild mate. He's awesome.

I have a better idea for NG. Rather than kicking all our Russian friends out of the game - why not accept their money then DONATE 100% for humanitarian causes in Ukraine? Heck. Why 100%. You guys go put your money where your mouth is ... KEEP THE RUSSIAN PLAYERS THEN DONATE 300% OF YOUR RUSSIAN REVENUE towards Ukrainian and humanitarian causes EACH. So 300% to Ukraine National Bank + 300% to my fundraising (or any other humanitarian fundraising for that matter). 

This way everybody wins. You don't punish ordinary Russians and Belarusian. Yet, for every $1 that any Russian spends in the game, they know NG is matching that by $5 that goes to Ukraine. I know most if not all of them players will be happy to donate this way anyway to Ukraine. Those who don't? Well they can drop out of the game voluntarily.
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    I hope you don't move this to off-topic, because this is on-topic. This is about the game, about my former guild mate for one, and about any Russian and Belarusian players for that matter.
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    Just to grasp this idea.

    They have to pay with existing foreign currency, right? Because a rupple doesn't have much value these days.

    Do most russians have that sort of foreign currency hanging around for a phone game?
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    LOL maybe the main reason NG is banning Russians is because they can't pay anyway. So why take up server space and power.
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