closed topic about russia-Belarus /Ukraine

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According to the rules as referred to in the explanation from @Lexia politics should not be discussed and this is given as the reason the topic was closed.

Under normal circumstances this is totaly understandable and a good rule. 

However. NG itself has taken a stance on the subject in (rightfully) supporting Ukraine and took the measure to disconnect Russian an Belarus players. 

I will not comment myself on if I think that is good or not on this post. 

But NG has now itself posted a newsitem in Game about a political subject. 
Not allowing discussion about this is basicly similar what Putin is doing. 
publishing the official state view and not allowing any discussion about it and censoring or even punishing any who do not agree or discuss it. 

I myself live in a country with censorship where internet is monitored and you get jailed for saying certain things the government does not like. 
facebook, twitter and social. media are monitored constantly. 

But they cannot monitor everything and game forums is one of the places where discussing these 'dangerous' things is less risky. 

So in this case where NG took a stance on the subject it is a real shame they do not let our russian and belarus friends who do not agree with Putin and support the Ukrain offer their moral support.

Off course all other rules should still apply, no insults, etc

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