Coach or disband of Zbot as a Moderator

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I have been here for a while as many others have. The guy (zbot) use to ban people for life and actually post it on a comment that he himself would close so nobody could comment. The guy banned was a great contributors here and zbot was shamed to let him back.

Unfortunately another community manager had to apologize for him. You can fact check me.

He is moderator but legendary for the wrong reasons. Reconsider...

That said his behavior was offensive to me.....and him banning comments has offended me


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    This is a brave post, but maybe not the most productive way to get what you want. I also disagree with the moderation policies. It's been sad to see, but I am fairly sure NG is the ones setting his directives, and Lexia has also been moderating in the same way.
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    I'm going to need more carrot sticks for this
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    I recommend taking a look at the Forum rules and guidelines found here:

    Please note:
    1. Don’t argue openly with a moderator or admin. If you have a beef, take it to private messages.
    2. You may not openly discuss any actions taken against you or your posts by a Next Games moderator, staff member or administrator.
    3. Treat fellow forum members with respect. This means no:
          - Flaming*
                 No verbal attacking of other players
          - Trolling*
                 Don’t provoke your fellow forum users.
    Feedback is allowed, and if you feel something has been handled incorrectly, feel free to reach out.
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    For awhile I thought he was an actual bot.

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    At the beginning, I didn't understand the reason for Discord Groups, instead of use this fórum. I can see clearly now. 
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    The wider community discord is found here.

    Just download the discord app for your phone, or open it up on your browser, and then click that link.

    The game is organized into differe t chanels. All the discussion about challenge is in one channel. All the discussion about badges is in one channel. And so on.
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    Hmmm I see Putins lurking in the forums

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